Thursday, September 4, 2008

Weekend with Dad

My dad came in town last weekend and we just had a blast with him!! He got really lucky and we hit a cold front with a high of 98 on Saturday!
My dad and Halle racing up the hill at the local park. We took my dad to the cutest park to play with the kids.

On Saturday we went to the dolphin habitat and the Siegfried and Roy gardens.

I had to get a picture with the jaguar, it was the only animal we never got to see in Africa.

So cute!


Rachael said...

Love your hair Samye! So cute! Looks like you had a great time with your dad and with your friends! Happy brithday again!

Emilee said...

Glad the Dolphin Habitat was a hit. And you are SO photogenic!!

Bree said...

When you posted about your mom I totally thought you looked like her...but now I see you look just like your dad too!! :) Glad you could have such a great time with him, and that you had so much fun for your bday!