Friday, September 26, 2008

Halle's New Bike

After the wheel fell off of her trike we decided she needed a new bike. Check out the wheels!

And Bennett came along for the ride in "his" car...(another hand me down...don't you love the ribbons and flowers on the car?)

A proud little rider!!

We have only had one accident- and she is riding like a pro!!


Allison said...

Love the princess wheels! That last pic is too cute - she does look very proud!

Emilee said...

LOVE the new bike! We've started looking at bike's for Madisen's birthday & of course that princess bike is #1 on her list! Halle looks too cute atop that bike with her helmet on!

Marissa said...

so cute. you can tell she LOVES her new bike. When do we get to see pictures of you on your new bike?

The Vegas Baileys said...

I love Halle's new bike. I think it is even funnier that she can pedal it, and Dylan can't. Bennett's car is awesome. He is very secure in his manhood.