Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pappa's Visit

Sad...I somehow forgot to take my camera on any of the adventures that we just had! My father-in-law came in town and we had a blast!! He came in town on Sunday, then on Monday he went up and met with a college (he is a graphic designer). When he got back on Monday night we got our first babysitter (gasp...yes since miles was born....if you don't count my sister who happens to be the best sitter EVER) and we went out to eat at Ona (yummy italian) and then went and saw Love at the Mirage (great show!)! It was such a fun show and we had GREAT seats! On Tuesday the boys went golfing and when they got back they sent me to get a pedicure. After that we went and saw Toy Story 3...and I believe Bennett sat the entire time with his mouth wide open. Super cute movie! The boys went golfing again this morning, and when they got back- sent me for a manicure!! We all got super spoiled having him here, and it was a blast too!! Next time (note to self) bring camera along!


BIke Riding

After we got back from Texas Halle decided she needed to learn to ride her bike. So, she hopped on, and within 1 day was riding around our "courtyard". She taught herself how to ride her bike...and now gets to go on bike rides with both Dustin and I. Here they are preparing for their first ride together-

The hard thing with riding with Halle is she loves to talk, so when she turns to you to tell you a story her bike starts coming right at you. We can't believe she is growing up so fast!!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Games with Grammy

When we stayed with Grammy we got to play lots of games- the kids LOVED playing hungry hungry hippo!!


Dallas Aquarium

Dustin's Dad or "Pappa" took us to the Dallas Aquarium. I had never been and it was really good! We loved spending time with Pappa, and are excited that he is actually coming back to see us this next week! We saw some crazy animals at the aquarium.


Tractor Riding

My dad took the kids out one day on the tractor...I don' think Bennett could ever be more excited than the fact that he got to ride on a tractor. He may be a city boy, but he loves his tractors!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Goat Farm

My parents have good friends that actually own a goat farm. Not only do they raise goats for the milk, but they also have chickens, miniature ponies, exotic birds, and a fabulous garden. We spent one morning out there petting goats, collecting chicken eggs, picking fresh blackberries and peaches...and we came to one giant conclusion. Halle LOVED the farm, she is my little farmer in the making. Bennett is my little city boy- wanting nothing to do with getting dirty. So now I know who will be helping me one day when I can have my garden and chickens, Halle will be right there helping. It was so much fun to be so far out in the country- we loved it!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ft. Worth Zoo

We went to the Ft. Worth zoo one day with my parents. Sadly as soon as we got there Bennett broke out with a nasty fever so he got to sit in the penguin house for a good long time with my mom to keep cool. When we finally caught up to them, we actually also ran into a very old friend while there (hey Kara it was so nice to see you)! So we got to see a couple animals then headed home. But at least this little guy got to see alot of fun animals, I think it was even his first time to go to the zoo!



While in Texas we enjoyed swimming at my parent's pool ALOT! I loved having so many hands for 3 kiddos- and Halle even got pretty confident without her floaties.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Blog Break

We have taken a bit of a road trip...

want to know where we went?

Well as a clue- we spent a good 2+ hours last night hunting armadillos.

boy am I a hick.

Will update when we return with MANY pictures and fun stories.