Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Way too cold

The thought had never crossed my mind, but I think that since it is 14 degrees outside I have finally decided that it is way too cold! That thought really came across as I was getting the trash ready for Dustin. You see we keep our diapers on our back deck in a garbage can (nobody wants that smell inside their home) and her diapers were actually frozen solid. Like hard as rocks. Could more than likely be used as a weapon of sorts...very dangerous. Besides that Halle and I whenever we go outside have to bundle up like CRAZY! Hats, Gloves, Sweaters, Coats...you name it we have it on!! She is not a happy camper when we drive anywhere because she is so stuffed in her car seat that she can barely move...a lot of fussing happens. Other than that things are great- she has learned a new song...the Popcorn song and can sing along while doing the hand signals. It is super cute. The not so cute side was this morning at the grocery store...yes she threw a wonderful temper tantrum the entire time!! Yelling at everyone as they passed by us, arching her body so that she would hit her head on the grocery cart...it was a beautiful time at the store!! Today made me very excited for the ...opportunity that I am going to have to have 2 kids at the grocery store in just a little bit. Very excited!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Science Fun

These past couple of days have been so much fun!! Besides the fact that it has been snowing all week and about 15 degrees outside I have found a lot of fun stuff to do!! Halle and I have definitely gotten a lot play time with all of her new toys that she got for Christmas. We have also been taking a lot of time playing with our friends Matthias, Beckham, Mia, Eli, and Miariam...some who don't even know that they are playing with Halle!! Then on Friday morning we woke up early and went to the Indianapolis Childrens Museum. Now for those of you who don't know, Indiana is one of the most family friendly student friendly states that we have ever lived in!! Normally the museum costs $12.50 per person..(yikes) but... we got in for a dollar for Dustin and I --and Halle was FREE!!! LOVED IT!! We had a blast, they had so many fun places to go. First we went to a floor in the museum that was specifically built for people Halle's size...with tons of toys and fun things to do. They also had a couple of other things like the Clifford the Big Red Dog exhibit, a Carousel, a Dinosaur exhibit, a National Geographic exhibit, and much much more!! We only wish we lived closer to Indianapolis (it is about an hour drive.) So that was super fun. Then Halle and I spent the rest of the weekend playing while Dustin studied. (HIs PhD class is kicking his bum!!) We also had other exciting news.. we got a new calling in our ward this morning...we have been called as Nursery Leaders!! Luckily it isn't with Halle's age group it is with the older age group. (I want Halle to gain more independence!!) So, we had fun today but will have lots of fun with this calling!! That is pretty much all for the week...this coming week looks like a lot more play time for Halle and I as Dustin has a ton more homework coming up!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

About time for some updated pics... enjoy!

First one

Ok, so honestly this it my first blog ever....I mentioned to a friend that maybe we are just out of it living in Indiana, I had no idea this was so easy to do!! So- here we go. I figure I will just update whenever I get the chance to update on what we are doing, and everythign else that is new! For now I will just catch everyone up!

We are living in Bloomington Indiana while my husband goes to Indiana University for Grad School. He is getting his Masters in Higher Education Administration...basically to be the President of Student Affairs or Dean of Students. Even though we are really far away from family we have made a lot of new friends here, and can't complain because Dustin is working for the school while they pay his tuiton. Not bad. He is gone all the time for school- usually leaving around 8 in the morning and getting home maybe 8 or 9pm at night...if i am lucky! So to keep me busy and Halle (which is the most important) I have found a lot of things to do. We have playgroups, classes, museums, and parks that we find. Although right now since it is 25 degrees outside we are sticking to mostly indoor things. Halle is almost 19 months old as of February 9th and growing tons!! She has a huge vocabulary our most recent words are- snack, truck, sock, box, chair, and cocoa. She is a sweet heart though, since coming home from Christmas was harder on me than her....she was so use to being spoiled rotten, we had a lot of time to correct everything. It got to the point that she would "yell" at me, than turn around and put herself in the corner. Sit there for about 2 minutes- than come out happier than ever. I guess my discipline is working? Last night we had another rough one with her. Not only is she getting her molars but she has figured out that her legs fit in between the bars on her crib. So she falls asleep with her legs in the bars, than wakes up 2 hours later because she is stuck. Funny kid. I am doing great...tired...but great. I have already moved out of my regular jeans into comfy pants- I am expanding faster than I did with Halle- but they say that is normal. September 3rd seems like a way away but i know it will come so fast. We know that Halle is going to be a great sister.

Anyway- that is it for now... I will try posting some pics!!