Thursday, February 25, 2010

Growing Up

Growing up is hard to do. Seriously, have you ever looked back and realized how easy life "once was"?

And then have you ever realized how fast everyone around you is growing up, specifically your children?

Take this one...such a sweet good natured baby. He is growing up SO FAST! He is already wearing 6-9 month old clothes, and he is only 3 months old! He is such a ball (literally) of joy!

And this little man, and yes he has officially become a man because he is now sporting "undawares". He is doing a mighty fine job too. Woke up on Tuesday morning and told me "no more diapers". Luckily we did have some buzz "undawares" on hand and we jumped on in. He even gets a "buzz" card every time he goes potty (clearance V-day cards...)

The biggest hurdle was crossed last night with the enticement of a HUGE chocolate donut from Glaziers- hey whatever helps ya poop...right?

And this sweet "spirited" girl...we register her for kindergarten on Monday morning. Part of me is definitely ready for her to be gone in the mornings, and the other half wants her to stay sweet and innocent for as long as possible. Homeschool? Not an option for either of us...she needs the interaction and I need "a break".


Monday, February 22, 2010


Staying super busy today...

daughter has been crafting all day

son decided he didn't want to wear diapers anymore...he has only had 1 accident all day in his "Buzz underwears"

my prince-charming got home from hiking through Zion in a foot of snow all weekend

And I have laundry up to my eyeballs-

But had to share this site. Free toys? Tons of samples? And sharing all deals? Check.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sweet boys...

I just love these two little guys-


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bonnie Springs

We took the kids to Bonnie Springs ranch on Monday...boy was that a trip. They have a petting zoo, a train you can ride, a "real life melodrama" and a "hanging" all that you can witness.
First off we went to the petting zoo...all of the animals are roaming in one cage...with you. They had tons of chickens, sheep, goats, a pot belly pig, about four deer, and a bunch of other animals. Most all the signs were in spanish (interesting) and the kicker of all kickers was the sign above a deer (he just kind of sat there) that said "Please don't laugh at me I was born with a tumor on my face, but don't worry my doctor says it isn't cancerous but they had to remove it" and yes the deer had a deformed face. (tragic)

We rode the train, which was super fun...Bennett and I rode it several times, he wasn't into the melodrama like Halle was.

And Halle got to witness her first official hanging...

It was so much fun, next time we will just go to the petting zoo and ride the train.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

3 Month Hair Cut...


And After-

We cut our kiddos hair at about 3 months...they are born with SO much hair and start losing it about this time in their sweet little lifes. We just aren't big fans of the mullet, long thin afro on top look. He is simply yummy you could actually snack on him.


Sewing and swimming

This year for Valentines day Halle wanted a "special" dress for her party at school- so on Thursday night I sat down and actually whipped this beauty up! (60 minutes max)

I was surprised with how easy it was to make it...if only it were more economical to sew clothes I think I would do it for everything!!

And this little guy- he decided to go swimming while I was unloading the groceries...his shoes (3 days later) are still soaking wet.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grammy's Visit

This past week my mother-in-law came to visit and it was so much fun!
We played lots of games

Went to the natural history museum (note Bennett's face...did not like the dinosaur exhibit...too lifelike for his liking)

Celebrated Grammy's 35th birthday...again... with "red" velvet cake (Thanks PW) and sparkly juice

And had so much fun!! We love having people come and visit us!! (as a side note Halle also got a haircut...I believe it was a good 11+ inches...thanks Brittany!!)


Thursday, February 4, 2010

TV Buddy

Bennett has a tv buddy....

and I believe she was enjoying this. Poor little guy (bennett) has an ear infection...boy am I glad we have great insurance!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Poor Miles. I ended up taking him to the Dr. Saturday afternoon and they immediantly sent us over to the hospital (via ambulance...they wouldn't let me drive) to admit him to be watched. His oxygen levels were super low and he had a high temp, drumroll please, yep RSV. Poor guy, he was hooked up to all sorts of machines and was still happy as a clam. He ended up pulling out his own IV around 2:30 am, after figuring out he could do that he started working on his oxygen tubes. Luckily they didn't have to put another IV in (they had already blown his right hand vein so they would have to go for the forearm), and around 6 am they finally took him off of the oxygen. We were FINALLY released around 5ish on Sunday night and I am so thankful to be home and able to take care of him. He is doing good now, we have a follow-up visit with our ped on Wednesday hopefully he will be doing lots better. He doesn't mind his breathing treatments, and loves that mommy and daddy cuddle him all the time (love is the best medicine right?) Hopefully he will get feeling better...