Monday, February 28, 2011

Houston Zoo with the Boys

I think I have mentioned that we have a family pass to the Houston Zoo- it is such a great zoo! And the best part is that we live 15 minutes from it! The boys and I have become frequent guests at the zoo, and each time I try picking a certain area to go to...that way we can keep the rotation going! Here are some pics from our most recent adventure-
Bennett and Miles both loved the huge fish- Bennett is showing me his favorite one.

Miles has gotten into the pointing also

Such an exhausting trip to the zoo!!

As we were walking out- we also got to pet a lizard, a coral snake, and another snake. The lady told me that the last snake that we got to pet was a fantastic family pet...I told her I grew up in the country where the only good snake was a dead one. I don't think she appreciated my comment.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Being Thoughtful

We just received one of the nicest most thoughtful presents...ever.

Some friends of ours back in Vegas sent us this picture. As a thoughtful way of saying thanks to my sweet husband who worked with the youth back in Vegas. We are both blown away by their touching gift, and the beauty of this gift. The painting is GORGEOUS...the most talented piece of art we own. We were both hoping one day to own a picture of the Dallas Temple that was nice (as we were married there just about 7 years ago), but knew that there were alot of other things that would need to be purchased first (how about couches to start with...) anyway- we are so excited to be able to hang this and it just makes us realize how much we do miss our old friends. Check out his other work, he is a really talented photographer. (And to make him even more talented, I think I remember hearing that he develops all of his own photos, and does everything by hand.)

Interested in the fact that we don't own couches right now?? It is is called lots of pillows and blankets on the floor to watch movies. We actually sold our couches back in Vegas because we didn't want to move with them (they were dieing anyway) so we figured we would move here, live in an apartment until we found a home, then get couches. These 6 months are hard when we have nowhere soft to sit....


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One V-E-R-Y expensive hairball

Let's start this story back on Wednesday.

Of course the cat starts acting lethargic...

fast forward to Saturday night...she starts throwing up.

(que the oh geeeez...seriously....)

Sunday she isn't eating anything and continues to throw up, but by now there isn't anything left in her stomach. So she is wondering around the house all day just throwing up stomach bile...

Monday- we decide it might be best if we go to the vet...haven't been to the vet here and just look into going to one close. Everyone recommends a certain vet, and a dr.

This Dr doesn't have any openings...

All the vets that we have been to have been nice, reputable, and easy to work with when we say "We love our cat...but it is a cat"

So we just see the vet with the closest opening.

I get in at 8:45 a.m. for my appointment (scheduled appointment here)

The vet sees us at 10 a.m. (mind you I do have my 1 and 3 year old with me)

She says this is serious...

we do x-rays... all she finds is a giant gas bubble so nothing is stuck in there.

We do blood work...because it is serious... (did you know that it is just a "little bit" cheaper to send bloodwork out rather than to do it in house?? TRY 50 BONES CHEAPER) We send the blood work out (duh)

We finish all of this at 11 freakin 30.

Total time we saw the Dr. = 15 minutes.

NOT HAPPY...but maybe this will cure her, we will find out what happened.

4 Hours later, she finally throws up a giant huge hairball.


good thing the vet sent us home with antibiotics...


Sunday, February 20, 2011


Weekends are always nice and refreshing. A way to re-energize the batteries. For me that has been being able to sleep in till 7. A couple of fabulous things-
1. Starting a new workout program at our local gym...a 5a.m. class comes VERY early sometimes.
2. Finding this delightful site and all she has to offer.
3. Watching a good friend of mine enter the Project Run and Play challenge. Check out her stuff, and then go vote for her HERE. (what I would wish to have her girlies hand-me-downs!!)
4. Finishing my menu...for the YEAR. You heard me, I just menu'd (not really a word) the whole year out...with a meal repeat every 3-4 weeks. I was tired of doing the same type of thing every week and thought why not make it simple and know exactley what I am suppose to cook?? I will mix it up a bit with some ideas from here ( a gift from my mom) and here as new recipes come up that I am dieing to try.
4-And some of the biggest news- just found out that I will be going here with my mom and sister!! Super excited.
Other than that, just enjoying the weekend-


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day

Once again this year we celebrated Valentine's Day with chocolate fondue (or as Bennett says chlolocalte). The kids loved being able to dip different fruits and marshmallows into chocolate. Even Miles got into it. He was a complete disaster!

My sweet hubby left me love notes around the house and ever hour he sent me a clue as to where each one was hidden. (He also gave me a camera charger from ebay...that i ordered...and i used...)


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend at Sugar and Pops'

We went up and spent the weekend with my parents a couple of weeks ago since we didn't get to see my parents during Christmas and "got" to cancel our ski trip with them. They sent us out on a date and then decided (After we took the car with all the coats in it) that they were going to take the kids outside to play. Here they are in their get-ups.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

100 Days

Halle enjoyed her 100th day of kinder party today. They had a super cute parade, fun activities and lots of things they did today to celebrate the 100th day! Her shirt had 100 safety pins, with 100 ribbons tied on.

As a side note- the mayor officially shut down the city of Houston on Friday. All schools are closed... this winter weather is "so scary!!" The honest truth- it is 10pm, dry outside, and I really doubt something major is going to hit. The weather girl right now is having us watch her headlights on her car so we can see the snow...because you can't see it otherwise. I remember living in Bloomington, the weather was like this every day for months on end.

These Texans are crazy!!