Thursday, December 29, 2011

Temple Square Visit

That night we drove down to Temple Square in Salt Lake City to see the Christmas lights. We first stopped and watched as homemade gingerbread cookies were being made- and sampled some.
 We also enjoyed the company of friends too! Halle loved spending time with Landon-
 Here are the kids in front of the temple-
 Walking with the boys... so slow.
 Me and my leading man.
 The family pic- we will never get all three to look at the camera-
 My sisters- it was so much fun to spend time with them up in Utah! If only it could have been longer-
It was so much fun going to see the Christmas lights- I have learned my lesson though and will bring a stroller next time!! 

Playing in the snow

Day three started off a bit slower. Miles knew that since Sugar stayed inside that morning he needed some snuggle time. He looks SO big in this picture!! 

After Bennett got his ski fix in that morning, Miles and I headed outside to play in the snow. Halle was feeling a bit under the weather so she had to watch from the window (sad). 
 Miles was not sure about the snow but loved having dad to play with.
 And then Aunt Nicki joined us- and the rule with Miles was you had to hand him the snowball...(he made that rule up)
 But once he got a snowball-he would aim at the closest person to him.
 Bennett finally got to make his snow angel
 And Miles threw some snowballs at Pops.
Miles didn't last long- maybe 30 minutes but he enjoyed it while he was out there. After we went back upstairs for snacks and cocoa.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Skiing Day 2

On the second day both kids wanted their "edgies" off (little rubber things that hold the tips together). The pros took them off and they were good to go!! My dad is in the blue, Bennett in the red, Dustin in the grey with black sleeves, and Halle in pink. (also notice in the background the lack of was one of the worst ski seasons ever!)
 Here he comes!!!
 She skiis like me...a  little more cautious!
 Cute little skier!
 And for some reason she wouldn't look at the camera... but cute nonetheless
 Miles even had a good day- he had two friends come up and play with him for a bit. I made a really good friend this past summer- they live in Utah and she was SO sweet and drove all the way up (about an hour drive) to let the kids play. Aren't they the cutest? (Elsie, Hazel, and Miles)


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Skiing Day One

Right after speaking with my brother in Argentina (he is serving a mission for our church there, and only allowed to call home twice a year Christmas and Mother's Day) we loaded up the car and drove to Utah. My Dr. was not ok with me going....but my mom and sister both said that they would be more than willing to deliver the baby if he came early. I decided to go because I was only 33 weeks the week we were there and I have NEVER shown signs of early labor. 

It was a great drive, we only hit some major ice in Amarillo (Texas of all places) and made it up to Snowbird the next day! 

The first day of skiing was on Tuesday- I had been gearing the kids up for what it took to ski (the amount of clothing it takes) and they were super excited! Here they are getting ready down in the lockers-
 This little guy had no idea he wasn't skiing...he was so bummed.
 Bennett is showing off his "spider man boots". We were all a little anxious about him skiing- the massive amounts of clothes + the tight boots +going down hill on boards...we thought he wouldn't like it.
 After the kids had all gear on (except skiis) they went to use the bathroom one last time with Sugar.
 Nicki chose to be the muscle with Bennett the first couple runs- with my mom instructing. They made a great team!
 Halle started off by herself, she had been before and was sure she knew exactley what she was doing. ( so stubborn) She finally let help happen after she threw the mother of all tantrums at the bottom of the hill...throwing skis off, trying to undo her boots and rolling around in the snow like a banshee yelling that she did not want to ski.... nice. (bummer i missed it)
 Here is Bennett on his second run down the hill, LOVING it!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning part 2

Right after we opened present at my mother-in-laws house we loaded up and drove to my parents home. (Christmas is a circus for us) we got there and the kids (already warmed up) unwrapped a load of presents there too! 
Bennett got some new leapster games- a great must for the car ride we had later that day.

Halle loaded up on barbies, glitter, and sparkly clothes (What more could a girl ask for?)
 All opening... with Aunt Nicki helping unwrap some barbies-
 At this point we had everyone opening all sorts of presents-
Right after opening presents we gobbled some breakfast then headed to church with my parents. I thought it was a great way to spend the day- remembering the true meaning of Christmas at church! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Morning part 1

Christmas morning the kids woke bright and early to find that Santa did come! (I think I was actually more excited than they were!) We slept at my mother-in-laws home and they got to wake up early with us (not sure how happy they were)! 
 The kids slowly dove into their stockings and present from Santa-
 Then they really started working their magic on the presents- Miles was fanatic about making sure all the wrapping paper was off each and every present.
 Bennett got his favorite toy...a slinky. All the boy wanted for Christmas was a slinky and a pogo stick...sadly the pogo stick didn't make it (i don't think he really knows what it is).
 Halle got the kicks of her dreams...she has been DIEING for these. Yes they light up, and yes when you are driving at night it makes you really nervous to see blue lights flashing behind you all the time.


Night Before Christmas

We went over to my Father-in-laws for Christmas eve and had so much fun! We had a yummy ham dinner, then enjoyed opening presents and stories! 

If only I had known that a pez dispenser and...
 Those M&M fans were going to be the favorite toys...

 Reading the night before Chirstmas- kids loved it (all but Miles who was still busy playing with his M&M toy)


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gaylord Ice Show

Our first stop on our Christmas trip was to go to the Gaylord Ice Show up where my Mother-in-law lives. She graciously bought tickets weeks ago and we got to enjoy the Shrek show they had! 

This little guy was like a stuffed marshmellow-
 And only enjoyed it once we were done and he could have a snack. (typical boy thing)

We had so much fun!!!! Thanks again Mom!