Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Skiing Day 2

On the second day both kids wanted their "edgies" off (little rubber things that hold the tips together). The pros took them off and they were good to go!! My dad is in the blue, Bennett in the red, Dustin in the grey with black sleeves, and Halle in pink. (also notice in the background the lack of was one of the worst ski seasons ever!)
 Here he comes!!!
 She skiis like me...a  little more cautious!
 Cute little skier!
 And for some reason she wouldn't look at the camera... but cute nonetheless
 Miles even had a good day- he had two friends come up and play with him for a bit. I made a really good friend this past summer- they live in Utah and she was SO sweet and drove all the way up (about an hour drive) to let the kids play. Aren't they the cutest? (Elsie, Hazel, and Miles)