Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Dress

Here are the kids right before church last Sunday- cute little boogers. We are definetly at a "fun" stage, and can't believe we are adding another fun one to this bunch! 
 And Halle HAD to take a picture of us...after lots and lots of thought I am adding this too. I am NOT one of those women who only get big in the belly when pregnant. My chubby chipmunk cheeks...i
l-o-v-e that about being pregnant. Getting eager to get back to my normal body.



Devin and Megan said...

So cute!!

Marissa said...

way cute little outfits. you and me both. i am looking like a walrus these days. Only a few weeks to go. Hope you're doing well. Love love you!!!

Katie said...

Your kids are so cute.

Thank you for taking pictures of your boys instead of killing them. I'm so glad that your kids try to make your life harder just like mine do to me. You'll be finding powder in all sorts of crevices for years to come :).

jamie t. said...

You look adorable, but I agree that you get to a point in your pregnancy when you are so eager to get back to your "skinny self". You always do! You family is so sweet :)