Thursday, December 29, 2011

Playing in the snow

Day three started off a bit slower. Miles knew that since Sugar stayed inside that morning he needed some snuggle time. He looks SO big in this picture!! 

After Bennett got his ski fix in that morning, Miles and I headed outside to play in the snow. Halle was feeling a bit under the weather so she had to watch from the window (sad). 
 Miles was not sure about the snow but loved having dad to play with.
 And then Aunt Nicki joined us- and the rule with Miles was you had to hand him the snowball...(he made that rule up)
 But once he got a snowball-he would aim at the closest person to him.
 Bennett finally got to make his snow angel
 And Miles threw some snowballs at Pops.
Miles didn't last long- maybe 30 minutes but he enjoyed it while he was out there. After we went back upstairs for snacks and cocoa.