Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cats and Boiled Eggs...

No, not the two combined. Today (Sunday) Halle got up from nap and as usual I said "what would you like for snacks?" Now, the usual reply is, cookies, or gummies, or bananas... you know the regular snacks. Today it was "I want eggs Puhlease"!! Adament that she wanted to have an egg for snack. So- I went downstairs and got her a boiled egg for snack. She decided (after about 3/4's of the way through the egg) that she wanted to "snookie" (snuggle) the cat, and "big kittie wants egg puhlease" telling me that the cat wanted some of her egg too. So of course before I could stop her she snookied the cat and gave the cat part of her egg. And yes, the cat actually ate some of the egg...weird I know! So these pics are some of Halle's grin after sharing her egg, and the cat what she looked like after a snookie. Cute right? Other than that we are doing great, Dustin has one more final paper due Tuesday for his PhD class-we are super excited for him to be done. Halle and I are heading to the Indy Zoo tomorrow to (hopefully) let Dustin finish his paper. I think Dustin and I agreed that a laptop might be something to acquire soon...especially with little dude on the way that way Dustin can get more work done away from home. We are excited for Utah...two weeks from today we will be living there!! YEAH!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I love my...

Swiffer Wet Jet!! I don't know if this is totally common knowledge but these things ROCK! We were in the market for a new mop, so I thought we would check it out and see how it works. I shopped around to see the cheapest place to buy one (walmart for all those that want to know) and it came out around $13!! You get a mop, liquid stuff, mop pads...and of course instructions. So at 10:30 last night I decided to see how it worked. I loved it!! I finished mopping and had to show Dustin just how dirty our floor was...which was incredible. Now just so you do know I am a clean person, and we do mop our floor at least once a week if not moreos -to see this much dirt it was incredible!! I loved my swiffer... the fact that you didn't have to go back and forth to the kitchen sink...and you just push a button and the liquid stuff comes out!! I LOVE IT!! say the least- everyone needs one. You can get one for wood floors, tile...basically anything you have it will work!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ready for Summer

As you can see we are definitely ready for summer. I found these super cute sunglasses at a thrift store... for free...I won with that one. Anyway- we had a great anniversary last night- we decided after lots of pondering that we didn't want to go to a super expensive restaurant because we have never found one that totally is worth the amount of money that is spent. So we decided upon a restaurant that isn't a norm (well no restaurant is) but we knew that it would be safe...Olive Garden. It was great! Then, we decided we would spend the night shopping since Dustin's birthday was last week and he still had some I said earlier it is so much easier to shop without helping hands too. We got to the mall and then Dustin surprised me and said that he didn't want to leave until I left with something pretty...a dress, shoes.. whatever I wanted. What a sweetheart!! So, Dustin spent part of his birthday money on me- on a new pair of shoes!! I must add that they are very pretty shoes too.. hahaha. He is a one in a million kind of guy!
Halle and I are getting prepped for our flight to Salt Lake in just a few weeks.. I have been looking around for some new Sesame Street DVD's for the journey- hopefully I will find some soon!! Speaking of which..our little chatter box showed us something else fun today... out of no where it was a "mommy...1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8" followed by a "ah ah ah" (The Count from Sesame Street), so yes Sesame street is very educational.. is it sad that Sesame Street taught our daughter how to count?? In some aspects yes, but in others I don't think so. She only watches tv, which is Sesame Street, maybe 4 mornings a week...obviously it matters what shows you pick to show your child... luckily I picked a good one!!
Other than that things are going great... hopefully everyone is doing great!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Yeah for is our anniversary today!! Not like 3 is a huge number, but it is a lot of fun to celebrate! Dustin has been working on finals all day but tonight we plan on going out on the town!! Haha, we got a babysitter from 6-10 tonight and Dustin has a restaurant picked out then...yep, I think we are going to do some shopping. It is just so much easier to shop when you don't have a little girl helping with every single item!! Anyway- only 77 more anniversaries to go... (I told Dustin that I am living to 100) then, we can leave this earth together. THAT IS how it is going to happen..haha - love to all!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Horseback Riding

One of the students that Dustin advices owns a horse and is on the equestrian team here at IU and graciously let Halle come out and see her horse! There were a ton of horses out there and Halle was having the time of her life. She got to feed the horse peppermints and ride on it. After we were done feeding the horse Halle kept saying "more m&ms please", speaking for the horse...saying the horse wanted more! Super cute and super fun!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Coloring with Chalk

After the cold front this was the first warm day we have had for a while! So, Halle and I decided that it was a chalk day. She loved coloring with chalk- so by the time it was done we had chalk everywhere!! We are excited for the warm weather to be coming...hopefully it stays for a while this time!!

Birthday boy pics!

Here are some pics of Birthday boy enjoying his breakfast and presents. And yes...the mouthwash was a present...and yes, that is weird but I thought it was a great idea!! (It came with bleaching trays etc...)

Snuggle Time

Halle and I enjoying some snuggle time. It is very rare that she does I have to enjoy every moment!!

Papa's visit

We had a super fun weekend with Dustin's dad visiting us (as previously mentioned). Here are some note worthy pictures from the visit that we wanted to share!!


So here it is... I am asking all of you for great ideas for some boy names. Of course I had some girl names that I loved but now that we are having a boy we are looking into a whole new area!! I would love to hear any and all ideas...who knows, one of you could end up naming our bundle of joy!! So- let's hear them all!!!

Go Dustin!

Not to brag...ok yes i am bragging. Dustin recently won a great scholarship through our bank here in Bloomington!! There was a link on their website to apply and he did it...and he won!! Which is great-especially because 95% of his tuition is covered and this scholarship will cover the rest plus books!! Which is great for us!! Anyway- so we went to a huge yearly meeting at the bank with the bank president (and all those other fancy people) got to hear all the business stuff and then they gave us a certificate with his name on it...and deposited the money into his bank account on campus! So...had to brag on the birthday boy!! Speaking of which today was his birthday, 27! And we have decided that 27 is a lot older than I Am officially married to an old man!! (haha) It was a great day ( I thought) I made a huge breakfast of french toast, bacon, and eggs for breakfast - and then he hurried off to work and school. Then, for his birthday dinner we made a pork loin on the grill, asparagus, and biscuits. And of course (for those of you who really know Dustin) we had german chocolate cake for dessert. Overall I find it to be a successfull day.. and I think he agrees with me. Dustin got all the good stuff from us for his know, the fun daddy stuff! Now he is busy talking to his grandparents in Houston...we only wish we could see them more- but are REALLY excited they are going to be in Utah this summer while we are there!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Cold and dreary...but fun!

Ok, so no new pictures for today..and I have to say I have been holding off posting in hopes that I would have some new great pics to put up. Not yet... so I will just give a brief update! We are doing great, Dustin is in his second to last week of classes (YEAH!) so he is trying to wrap up all the final papers etc. Halle and I are just staying busy- the weather is saying that it is suppose to warm back up this week so we are looking forward to that after our last week was spent in the 30's and 40's. Dustin's dad came and stayed with us this past weekend...he had his name of "granddaddy" the princess herself to papa. So that is his name now. We had lots of fun showing him Bloomington, getting the chance to share our city was great! Tomorrow is Dustin's 27th birthday (he is an old man now!!) haha, so we are super excited to celebrate with him- starting with a big birthday breakfast, and ending with a porkloin on the grill with a german chocolate cake. (picked by the main man himself) I will get pictures up Wednesday morning. Other than that things are great, we have finally (we think) secured a place for Provo for the summer. Canyon Terrace -anyone heard of it?? All we know is that it is cheap, and they have a pool. (score for Halle and I) We leave May12th, and come back August a big pregnant woman. (fun times). Anyway- hope everyone is doing great!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sunday nap

Hunting at home...

This is Halle's easter egg hunt at home. The last picture I think is the cutest...she is enjoying the spoils of her find!

Pretty Easter Dress

Egg Hunting at Church

Easter and more!

What an exciting week it has been for our family!! We have had the opportunity to find out so much fun news!! Our first news, as everyone saw was that we are having a little boy! (Dustin is very excited!) We also found out that...we are moving once again! haha, and we thought we would stay put somewhere for at least a year! But, Dustin got a great opportunity and is taking a internship in Provo for the summer...BYU that is. We are super excited and are trying as fast as we can to plan everything out. Dustin already decided that he would be making the 26 hour drive by himself while Halle and I fly (is this for alone time or for a quite nice peaceful drive...i think so) but we are excited. We are searching (rather fast) to find a furnished home that we can just rent out for the summer (yes there is no way we would move our stuff for just a summer!!) As for those of you wondering about the wee one I am due Sep. 4th , so hopefully he won't make an early debut otherwise we could be in trouble!! We plan on leaving Provo on August 6th so that gives him a whole month to keep baking! We got to go to our church Easter celebration on Saturday morning (Halle had a blast finding eggs, and caught on really really fast), then today had our own indoor Easter egg was snowing outside so we decided that that was not going to happen outside. Other than that things are going great. Dustin is getting ready for finals, and papers... Halle and I are looking forward to warmer weather (hopefully soon!!!) Hopefully everyone is doing great!! And...if anyone knows of anyone looking to rent out their place this summer.. let us know!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Per request

This is a request by Dustin's co workers who still don't believe it is a boy... check it out!

It's a....

If you can tell from the pics, the first one is of the baby...the whole baby- then the next one is.... well...It's a boy!!! Here is the official picture that shows that it is very much a little boy!! YEAH!! We are super excited... I think Dustin was a lot more excited until i I get to go shopping!!! Anyway- wanted to let you all know!!!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Zoo Day

Today we got to go to the Indinapolis Zoo!! It was a lot of fun (but not near as good as the Omaha Zoo for all those taking notes) ! We got there around 9:30 and decided to buy memberships so that Halle and I could continue to go year round. Dustin got to come with us due to class being canceled - so it was a real adventure.

Is it a sad day at the zoo when your child is more excited to see trees, flowers, and ducks?? (Yes we do get her outside all the time here!) We got to eat lunch with the flamingos and lemer (sp?) monkeys! Not literally with them, but looking at them.

After seeing all the animals we got to go to the dolphin show that they have. Well, at least we tried going to the dolphin show. Someone (no names..) decided that it was way past nap time so she was going to have no part in a hot, crowded room, with lots and lots of people. Needless to say she slept the entire way home and then when we got home talked all about the animals. What a fun day!!