Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I went to Chicago this past weekend...with no kids AND had a girlie weekend~ We had so much fun...too much fun I think. 

We flew in very late Friday night, and woke up first thing Saturday morning...or around 10am Saturday morning and started the morning off right by shopping. We hit the new Marilyn statue, the Magnificent Mile (lots and lots of shops), and of course Nordstroms semi-annual sale. 

 After shopping all day- we then went and caught the late night Beauty and the Beast musical. It was so wonderful- even though it was not my first time to see it I thought it was done so well I would go back and see it again! We didn't get the best seats in the theatre but thought that after intermission we would move up. We were wrong. They had security walking around making sure that everyone was in their seat that they bought. Making people move, kicking them out- AND if you took a picture your camera was immediately taken away from you! They were very serious about their jobs!
 Sunday morning we enjoyed a nice brunch at Yolk- it was so delicious~! We even got really lucky and had no wait because our hotel has a deal with them-
 After filling our tummies- did I mention that BOTH of us on the trip were pregnant? Yep... so we ate a lot, and walked kinda slow... I think most of that was because we were SO SORE from the day before (old ladies). Anyway- we went and hit up the Pier, it was kind of fun walking around (until it got blasted hot). The clouds came out and cooled down so we thought it would be the perfect time to enjoy a architecture tour of Chicago via boat. It got real hot real fast on that boat- phew! But it was interesting learning all about Chicago's history!
 After the boat tour we decided we were in need of some deep dish pizza- chicago style. We went to Giordano's (sp?) and had THE best pizza EVER! Another benefit- our pizza took 45 minutes to cook, but no biggie because we didn't have any kids with us!
 After stuffing our faces, because we hadn't walked enough (sarcasm) we went over and saw Millenium park and all the other fun things around that area. We took pictures in "the bean" (what is that thing anyway??)
And then headed back to the hotel because we were dieing... who knew that a couple months ago we were in such great shape we actually did a triathlon. Monday morning we enjoyed breakfast- walked around the city some more and then said goodbye! It was such a fun weekend, next time though I think we will bring the hubbies along for the fun! (Kids can still stay home )

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fascinating update

First off I would have to say that for the most part, all updates on blogs are usually fascinating. Recent photos, recent adventures... the day to day life of crazy people you know? 

I think this one has got to be the best update that we have had for awhile though- it has been a long time coming too...

No I have not been eating too many donuts- yes we do have another little Peterson on the way! Hence the past posts have been kind of emotional... my husband was out of town, I had three kiddos- AND I was sicker than a dog. Blah... I am starting to feel a lot better, and excited to welcome this little bundle into our lives. The due date? Fascinating enough I am due on Valentines Day. Seriously- on the day. We  are super thrilled and ready to add just a wee bit more chaos into our lives!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Farewell Part 3- Birthday style

Of course while we were up there we celebrated Halle's birthday. I was bummed I didn't take more pictures because it was a true party!! We had the opportunity to have our whole family with us to celebrate Halle! My parents and siblings, Grammy and Brooke made the drive to be with us, and Poppa and Sherry came, and of course Grandma and Grandpa Eggett, and Jean and Russell were there. It was a P-A-R-T-Y! 

Here is Halle opening up her gifts from Grammy- she got a WHOLE bunch of arts and craft stuff- and has loved doing them during the afternoons while the boys sleep! 
 Halle had three helpers- here you can see two of them.
 Halle loves Jean and Russell- we loved that they came out with their busy schedule that they had that night.
After the dinner we hugged everyone then went up to my parents pool and had a swimming party. I invited all of my cousins and their kids to come swim- we had alot of swimmers! It was so much fun! We also got to chit chat with my Aunt and Uncle who are living in Guatemala right now- it was fun hearing about what they have been up to! 


Farwell Part 2- Rodeo Style

My parents took us to the Mesquite rodeo one night- and it was so much fun!! The best part was that it was air conditioned (if it wasn't that would be MISERABLE!) Nicki had flown in earlier that day to surprise my parents and brother- so we had the whole family together! 
Miles loved clapping for the cows and horses-
 Halle wore her new cowgirl boots, her hat and had to sit on Pops' lap the whole time.
 Sugar learned very early on the easiest way to "win" Miles love was to feed him.
 They had face painting for the kids- for free. Bennett loved his spider man for about 15 minutes until it started itching...thank heavens for baby wipes!
 Nicki thought she was getting herself cotton candy...the kids ate half the bag.
We had so much fun being at the rodeo- thanks dad for the fun time!

Farewell part 1

We went up to Denton this past weekend and had so much fun. My brother is getting ready to leave on a mission for our church in Argentina so we went up to have fun with him before he takes off!

We went boating one of the mornings we were up there-
 Miles did NOT like wearing a life jacket- but by the end realized that everyone had to wear one, so he just gave up on fighting it.
 Bennett LOVED riding with Drew and LOVED "motorboating" with drew. Even after falling off the tube he wanted back on (which if you know Bennett you know that that is not the norm).
 Halle loved riding with her Dad-
 Alex and I enjoying the water- we are starting to look more and more alike. I can't believe she is going to be 16 this year!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Family Party

For Halle's family birthday dinner she really wanted macaroni pizza. She really really really wanted to go to Cici's for dinner too... (not my choice) but hey- the birthday girl wanted it, and with some coupons in hand we hit Cici's pizza up. 

Then we came home to open some presents-

Halle even gave us a little birthday performance. 

What a sweet little spicy girl. We love you so much Halle and are so grateful that you graced us with your presence 6 years ago, two weeks early at 7lbs 11oz. Every day you teach us something new- 
Some of your favorite things to do-
read any book you can get your hands on,
sing songs from the radio,
be in charge, 
do your own hair,
help shop.
you love to help your two little brothers do anything

We love you so much!!


The Party

We had Halle's 6th birthday party yesterday morning- it went great! The kids had so much fun swimming together we didn't even get a chance to play any games! 

She wanted a "rockstar" birthday cake. I did a guitar...the icing didn't come out as vibrant as I thought but it still turned out great!
 Some of the kids at the party- she had friends from school and from church. Everyone got along great and had a blast playing together!

 Miles L-O-V-E-S this little girl. Mr. Chubs also had two pieces of birthday cake...
Opening presents...Halle got what every girl dreams of- lots of barbies, makeup, and more barbies!

It was such a fun birthday party- it was nice seeing Halle in her element with all of her friends!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Halle's birthday wish list-

I gave her (or rather she found)the Target ad from this week and went about circling items that she wanted for her birthday.  No harm right? I figured even though she has told me a bajillion times what she wants for her birthday- maybe she will circle something new- 

Camera- understand... a $180 camera...not gonna happen. Sure we can find something a little more economically logical.
 Movies- yeah... we haven't really gotten any new movies lately- Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure- not sure that will happen. I like to stick to the Disney classics.
 A new watch...because the 10 other watches sitting in the bottom of her dressup box need a friend.
And this one... take a look...words don't justify what she wants.
A leopard thong...for her 6th birthday. 



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th

We had a fabulous 4th in Katy with Dustin's family. Just look at those good looking men... 

Here is our family pic- it was a tad bit hot but we all survived.
The only bummer part was that fireworks were banned from being used- so we didn't get to do anything! Hopefully we will get enough rain so we can do them next year!! 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend in Austin

We went to Austin this past weekend, and it was FABULOUS! I can't believe that gem of a city has been hiding from me for SO long! I actually had never been to Austin (sad I know) and I loved every moment of it. First off- it wasn't near as humid as what Houston is (surprise surprise) and I enjoyed the nights! The first night we got there we grabbed some dinner and  then headed out to watch the bats. Under the Congress bridge (one of the main bridges in Austin)  they have one of the largest urban colonies of bats! We had a blast watching hundreds of these creatures fly out from under the bridge. 

 The next morning we headed to Zilker park to enjoy the playground, train, and natural spring swimming pool that they have. Sadly we missed the train by like 5 minutes, and the next one left in an hour... boo.
 So we decided to load up and go see the capitol building... it was so neat!

 Somehow that pic won't turn...
 The rest of the trip we enjoyed swimming, relaxing and lots of eating!
We went to Maria's tacos or Taco express- it was delicious! Then of course we checked out the food trucks- and enjoyed a fresh snowcone. 

We had a wonderful trip- and I can't wait to go back when it is a tad bit cooler and explore some more!