Thursday, January 28, 2010


When was the last time you took a really really good snooze...this guy takes them all the time. AND makes me jealous doing so.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Going for a walk

We have had some rainy weather the past couple of days so we got out and went for a walk.
Bennett had to bring his golf ball along and point out every little thing along the way.

And this little guy...he is just growing by the minute! (Especially his noggin...this kid has got a huge one,especially in this picture!) But still super smoochie!


Friday, January 22, 2010

No Phone Pledge

My mom told me about this, so I thought I would check it out...WOW! I took the no phone pledge and challenge everyone to do the same!! Click here to check out what it is all about. Did you know that talking on your cell phone while driving is just as bad as driving drunk? (AND how many of us have small children in the car while we drive??)
*you can watch the full episode by scrolling down*


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


First off, I have no idea what I was thinking when I thought I was busy with one child...with three life is CRAZY! I have a couple minutes with the house quiet (scary?) so I wanted to share our recent happenings!

For Christmas the kids got this fun easel. Surprisingly enough we haven't had any coloring on the walls yet! The kids love to color, Halle loves to draw people and Bennett loves to draw circles.

We made rice krispies for FHE a couple nights ago...huge success and wasn't too big of a mess! Halle is still my little mother and helper.

Bennett has turned two...did I already mention that? I wonder where my sweet little boy went, because he now goes nonstop all day long and has become very physical towards...well towards life in general. (Can I blame all of this on his teething? Two more molars to go and we are all done!!) He has also become very funny. Three nights ago at 3 in the morning I noticed his room light was on. I woke up D to go and check (rules are I wake up to feed the babe..he wakes up all other times) anyway D walks in to check on Bennett and finds that he is playing with his bouncy balls that he got for Christmas. Bouncing them on the wall, lining them up in a row...etc.... he just couldn't bare to be away from them all night long! Crazy boy.

Miles was a huge you can see.

Little Miles had his two month birthday last weekend, time flies! We went to his Dr. checkup today and he is weighing in at 14 lbs (which isn't' too big). All of his stats were about 75% for his age except for his height which was 95% ( I think he gets that from his Daddy)!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


There is just something so irresistably sweet about this face...

I am thoroughly enjoying Miles...especially since Bennett has all of a sudden found his hidden two year old personality. Halle is still the best helper...but has yet to volunteer to change a diaper.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh really?

While eating lunch today Halle was being EXTREMLY bossy (what's new) and I asked her to please stop being bossy.

She then said "Mom, I am not being bossy. I AM the boss"

Glad to have that clarified.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Love the 80's?

Love the 80's? How about the 1880's? Go here and see that Amazon is giving away a free classical cd. Well, all the Mp3s that would go on a cd....

I am starting to work through coupons...starting to clip and save and finding some major deals here. If interested I will keep on sharing my finds.

Like here are some redbox codes I came across..if you have never used one START...they are great. Put these codes in and they should work to get a free movie! RBX2NITE or FREE45W or ABTS25...try 'em!


St. George

One day we were even brave enough to go up to St. George! We went to shop at Tai Pan Trading (totally not the store to go to with 3 kids). We had so much fun and found some super cute decor stuff!! And the best part is it ended up being only 90 minutes away from our house...or in kiddo language 1 movie.

We also stopped by the St. George Temple and went into the visitor center! It was super pretty...and as you can tell at this point Bennett was DONE and just wanted a snooze.


Who loves Sugar?

Yes, once again for those that don't know my parents are known as "Sugar" and "Pops" to their grandkids. (yes at first I thought they sounded more like a pimp and a porn star name...) ANYWAY- the kids love their Sugar and Pops and we were lucky enough this week to have Sugar stay with us all week long! Dustin was going to be out of town so on their way home from skiing in Utah my dad, sister, and brother dropped Sugar off! We had such a fun time, and Miles LOVED to flirt with Sugar.

This is what happened every night...Miles and Sugar would just talk and smile with each other all night long. Super cute!


Miles' Blessing

We were lucky enough to bless Miles on New Year's Day! Yes it fell on a Friday, but we had a small window of time that my dad was going to be in town so we did it! Dustin did such a fantastic job blessing Miles, and for the FIRST time he didn't scream through the entire blessing (both Bennett and Halle did) and he actually smiled at Dustin the whole time. It was such a neat expierence and we were so happy that my parents and siblings could be there! We wish we could have had Dustin's side come too!!