Saturday, January 9, 2010

Who loves Sugar?

Yes, once again for those that don't know my parents are known as "Sugar" and "Pops" to their grandkids. (yes at first I thought they sounded more like a pimp and a porn star name...) ANYWAY- the kids love their Sugar and Pops and we were lucky enough this week to have Sugar stay with us all week long! Dustin was going to be out of town so on their way home from skiing in Utah my dad, sister, and brother dropped Sugar off! We had such a fun time, and Miles LOVED to flirt with Sugar.

This is what happened every night...Miles and Sugar would just talk and smile with each other all night long. Super cute!



Em said...

lol..a pimp and a porn star. That's awesome. Luke's parents go by Big Momma and Big took a long time for me to get used to it. Do you know what I usually think of when I hear "Big Daddy"? Um..a pimp.