Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5 of 100 Things to do in Houston

I have to start this list back up again! OK- on to the 5th thing you should do while here in Houston. Who doesn't love seeing a good Monet-

 Or my favorite Degas (I saw his whole showcase in Paris...delightful).
But seeing as many of us don't have the cash to fly to Paris to see these beauties, you can go to the MFAH (Museum of Fine Arts Houston) AND on Thursdays it is free. During the summer every week they have a kids program where they teach some aspect of art to the kiddos- when we went the kids had complete freedom to make the art exactly how they wanted. You can also check out "kid packs" at the front desk. The kids packs include puzzles, games, art hide'n'seek...and lots of other fun options.I highly recommend checking it out- it was well worth the visit! (Can't beat free!!)


Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of 1st

This sweet girl started 1st grade this morning!! It was still a little dark when we left so we had to do the "back to school photo" inside. She was so excited to be with her new teacher and was ecstatic to see old friends in her class when she walked in this morning. 
She was so excited- I can't wait to hear how the first day went!! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Early Present~

I have been wanting a "nice" camera for some time now- but for that much $$ I have been waiting for a birthday. It seems that each birthday I can think of a bajillion other things I would rather get than one camera. All that changed the other day, when at a garage sale (of all places) I scored a really nice Canon Rebel in perfect working order! She was upgrading to a nicer camera and wanted to give it to someone who could really use it! I knew the owner so knew that she took great care of it...are you ready to hear how much I paid?? 

Let's delay this one just for a bit so you can see just the begining of what a nicer camera is going to do for me!  (cheesy...but I really do think I can tell a difference in quality)


He is a cute model- showing me how he stole a cookie dough ball off the cookie sheet

Well- the screaming deal- $25. I say that is one good deal. Now I just need to work on finding out how to use this puppy!! 


Thursday, August 18, 2011


Couple of random thoughts... haven't posted a lot but wanted to update different things that have happened around here. 

  • School for Halle starts on Monday- we meet her teacher tonight, I am so super excited!! Bennett is starting preschool after Labor Day, it is from 9-2 every tue/thurs AND he gets an hour of gymnastic class during the class. One child at home- what in the WORLD am I going to do with myself? The grocery store is going to be a blast! 
  • I finally decided that Mom's that bathe their children in the morning are absolutely INSANE. Crazy woman why do you do that to yourself? There have been a couple of moments when we have had sitters watch the kids and so the next morning I need to bathe them (because they are stinky and I don't feel comfortable with babysitters bathing them)! By the time we get the kitchen cleaned, kids bathed, myself ready etc.. I am ready for a nap! It is almost 10am! Why would you ever do that? Bathe the kids at night before bed, that way when you get up in the morning all they have to take care of is getting themselves dressed. You just have to get yourself ready! 
  • I had a fantastic CVS shopping trip today-WITH three kids in tow. I have finally come to the realization with coupons that it isn't about saving money on groceries...most all grocery coupons aren't things that I normally buy. SO I decided the key is to get most all toiletries for free or close to free as I can get them (mostly $1 and under). Today's trip I got- a gallon of milk, a bag of Hersey's Bliss (like dove chocolate), a Hersey's Air bar, and a 30ct. package of bandaids. They paid me .1 cent, AND gave me 6 ECB's. Felt great to walk out of the store with these deals!! I am going back tomorrow for my two free razors...love coupons! 
  • And a little sneak peak of a post I have been working on for weeks- I am potty training our cats. Seriously, using the toilet. Once I am 100% effective I will share pics and the specific how-to. Until then just get excited. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Potato heads and Heartbeats

This is one of Miles favorite things to play with- he loves getting all of the potato's dressed and ready. It was even his idea to line them all up. He is kind of particular about how things are supposed to be played, and he will boss whoever is around to play just that way.
 This is what we call in our home- a "Peterson Face". She has the funniest faces that she makes, and loves getting people to laugh. Our little Elastic face...
 And here is Ben's funny face-
 And this cute guy...all smiles and no words.

I went to the Dr. last week and heard little babe's heartbeat again. Sounded wonderful! The due date is still on Valentine's Day (how does one really plan that one?) and sometimes we can't believe that we are adding another little one to this chaos!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pregnant Brain

I am hoping it isn't just me but when I'm pregnant...let's just say I am not the sharpest crayon in the box. For some reason I just don't think all the way and it can be quite embarrassing at times too. Here is our recent story for your viewing pleasure. 

The kids and I had to rush over to the ped's office (appointment just opened, we had to be there in 15 minutes). Anyway, we get in the car and my engine light comes on, along with two other lights that I have never seen. Great...I call my husband and he says that I more than likely need to get into the mechanic. I tell him what lights are on and he does some research. After hanging up with him I then call a friend of mine who also happens to be a pretty good car expert and he tells me that it isn't life and death. More than likely is _________. But to make sure to go over to Autozone, and for free they will plug your car in and it will tell them exactly what is wrong. I hit the Dr. appointment (not gonna pass that one up), then head over to Autozone. On the way over, my hubby gives me a list of items that it could be -- some very simple to which I said no way and some where it was like $500+ to fix. I just knew that it was going to be one of the pricier options. 

We got to Autozone, 3 kids in tow, and he plugged the car in. He looked back at me, looked at the car, and then very very politely told me that the computer was coming back saying that my gas cap wasn't on. I looked at him like he was crazy and just to prove my point that that couldn't possibly be it I opened my gas tank -- and voila! My gas tank wasn't screwed on. THEN I proceeded to try and twist it and couldn't do it! I then thought, "Well this is the reason it isn't twisting- it is broken!" He came behind me, twisted it in the RIGHT direction and told me to have a great day. 


In other news, I updated my blog layout...put newer blogs up on the right hand side and private ones in their own section. I just realized that we move around too much to have each individual city we have lived in along with the blogs that they pertain to. That being said (pregnant brain in mind) please take a look to the right and make sure I got your blog put up -- more than likely (I am quite sure) I forgot a couple of them. Please leave your blog address. If it is private please feel free to leave it too.