Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It is...

We found out this morning what will be joining our family (as of November 23rd...yes official due date finally) it will be a boy!! We are so excited to add another little tank to our family-and for Bennett to have a little bud. Halle will still be the boss and now she will have two boys to be boss over!!!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Playing at the beach

We just got back from a nice long trip to California for a family reunion on Dustin's side. We had so much fun seeing family (he only has 5 cousins on this side...i know...crazy), going to fun attractions, and spending lots of time together.

We enjoyed a lot of time playing at the beach...Halle loved the sand and water- Bennett wasn't too sure about anything, especially the water.


Sea World

While in California we also enjoyed going to Sea World!! And, actually got a really good deal- if you buy a day pass, you get one free. So we have three more day passes to use before December-yippee! The kids loved the park- we got there right as it opened and it was such a huge difference from Disneyland! The rides were empty, they had a TON of kid stuff- and the shows were great!! We had a blast! (ps- as you will see Halle picked up from some cousins the "cool" way to take pics)


Dinner with the Collins!!!

On Tuesday night we met up with an old college roomate, Shelly and her family! It was so much fun to see her again ( it has been what...6 years almost?) and we had a blast. The kids loved playing together- each of our kids are born one month apart- but she got ahead and has a little sweet (almost) 4 month old girl. We enjoyed some great Mexican food while the kids ran crazy. We are totally jealous of where they live (the weather in California was gorgeous) but glad that we got the chance to see them!!!
Trying to get a picture of the kids...

A picture of us...


Disney Land

While in California we had the opportunity to go to Disney Land- and we had a blast!! The crowds were crazy, the lines were out of control, but we loved every moment. The only bummer was since I am pregnant I spent most of my time on the kiddy rides (not too bad) but couldn't enjoy a good rollercoaster. The highlight for Halle was seeing Cinderella and getting her to sign her hat, and Bennett's highlight was getting an "Eve" toy. (Yes he is MADLY in love with Walle...). We enjoyed going but decided that the next time we go we need to go during off season when there aren't as many people.


Circus comes to town!

Months ago my dear sweet husband bought tickets for us to go to the circus, I was a bit...anxious (I guess that is the word) because #1 It cost money (not a ton...but pricey) and #2 it was the night before we left on a family vacation...and the circus started at 7:30pm. If you know my kids, then you know at 8pm sharp their little timers go off and they are done for the day. We...mainly I...crossed my fingers and just hoped for the best. This was the best thing that we have ever done!! It was SO much fun!! We sat three rows from the ring (nice seats...) and the kids sat in utter amazement the entire time. We ended up leaving at 9:45, 5 minutes (ironically) before the show was over! The kids had a blast, we had a blast, and I think we decided we will have to try and do this again next year!! Thanks dear for such a wonderful time!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

It has been such a wonderful and relaxing Father's Day today- we are on another vacation right now- so as I type I am listening to the waves crash outside on the shore. Pure Bliss! There are no pictures for this post, but I wanted to wish all three men in my life a Happy Father's Day- to a wonderful husband who spoils me endlessly with all he does, to a father who raised me to find the best I could in a man, and to a father-in-law who raised a righteous son. Happy Father's Day!!

We have big plans this week, and on tomorrow agenda- Disney Land. Wish us luck!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

18 Weeks and updates

It has been awhile my friends (thanks Em for the reminder) I have been just delaying getting anything up here. The camera is still a work in progress (we found our old digital but can't find the cord to hook it up to the computer) so luckily that isn't a big purchase looming over us.

The pregnancy is going great...except for the minor conflicting dates that my Dr. and my sonogram Dr. have. My Dr. says that I am due on November 9th, while my sonogram Dr. says that I am due on the 23rd of November. I am planning on the later date and after my sonogram on the 30th I will have him send the results to my Dr. so they can "match due dates". My Dr. also just informed me that he only delivers on Mondays and Fridays...so If I want him to deliver this baby then I either have to be induced (Which I am not a fan of) or pray that this baby comes on one of those days...we are going with the praying method. AND if he/she arrives on another day then I am sure there will be a great Dr. that can deliver me. (I mean come on-who only delivers babies on Mondays and Fridays????) crazy. Here is a "18 week" shot I took this morning. I will officially (according to Dr. Sonogram) be 18 on monday but since we will be in Cali I took it a bit early.

With this pregnancy I have been looking at all the latest and greatest and I have found the car seat of MY DREAMS! If only $900 was a reasonable price for a car seat/stroller... it is on my dream wish list for this baby (is there a baby fairy out there??) It is such a neat car seat.... check it out!!

Other than that things are going great! Keep Checking back for more updates...we have a fun week ahead of us!!


Friday, June 5, 2009


I know it has been awhile, we are still working on replacing a camera...and really how good is a post without some pics?? To brighten everyone's day I thought I would pass this sight along...check it out...and be prepared to laugh really really hard.