Sunday, August 30, 2009

Love her!

Have you seen these shelves around??

Gorgeous right? They are "from" Ballard designs (if you haven't checked out their stuff you should...way cute. More importantly those shelves...yep those are homemade. Seriously! Traci made them, and shows how to here and they are step by step instructions!! I just found what I will be spending some of my birthday money on....some shelving!!! Woohoo thanks Traci!


Date Night

I just receieved the best birthday present ever! Seriously...I have an amazing husband! I told him that for my birthday I didn't want a gift, I wanted a super fun all planned date night. I picked up the sitter around 4:30 and we were off.

First stop we went to Ba-Ba-Reba a Tapas restaurant. It was SO good! We got six rounds of appetizers from shrimp and egg salad on toast to short rib stuffed piquillo pepper (they were all about bite sized so we each got to taste. And then we ordered our tapas- we got chicken and ham croquettes, skewered beef, crispy calamari and garlic shrimp. They were all smaller portions so you could try each of them and feel full yet not stuffed.

After dinner we went to La Reve! That was a really good surprise because I love seeing shows, and this one was incredible! It seemed a lot like a cirque show-but it was so neat! We had perfect seats too, 4 rows from the front...we could see all the action from right up close (thank you to local discounts...I can't believe what people actually pay for these tickets!!!)

After dinner we went to Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris Casino for dessert. We had reservations and at first they sat us in the restaurant until they heard we were only having desserts. Then they moved us out onto the "bar" (boy did we score here!!) The bar was right overlooking the Bellagio hotel so we could see the fountain shows perfectly!! AND- because they didn't want to upset us we got a lemon tart with raspberry sauce on the house ALONG with the desserts we ordered-a chocolate mousse and profiteroles (vanilla icecream filled pastry with hot fudge sauce) YUMMY!

It was such a wonderful date...and it made it so much easier to have reservations at the dinner and dessert places...i really do have the best husband in the whole wide world. It was such a fun date!! Thanks sweetie!!


Monday, August 24, 2009

I WIsh...

I have a degree in English Education and my certificate for teaching expires this next spring. Bummer right? In order to re-certify I have to take a couple classes, etc...but my problem is that I have never really used my degree!!

Do you know what I WISH I had? I wish that I had gone to beauty school. Seriously! Talk about a great job to have being a stay-at-home mom! I could trim my kids hair and feel like I knew what I was doing (I still do trim it but question if I am doing the right thing). I would totally advertise to stay-at-home moms to cut kids hair, and to even cut their hair. I would even love to color hair!! Could you imagine the side income you could get just a couple of girls to come over and get their hair done. AND as far as I know every girl I have ever met that has their liscense that is a stay-at-home mom loves to share their talent. (Unless they work for a salon then that is where it gets sticky). But nice would that be?? This all comes down to the fact that I am getting grey hairs and have been looking into what it costs to get your hair done...done by someone who knows what they are doing- and I am looking at at least $100 for a cut and color. AT LEAST! Ggeeezz.... any suggestions out there???


Sunday, August 23, 2009


We decided that since it was so HOT outside this week that we would do some crafts. Bennett has just gotten into painting and coloring (thanks to the Mr. Clean sponges I no longer have purple crayon on my kitchen wall) but it is nice because they can be busy for at least an hour doing different sorts of projects!!

They each got the first letter of their name and then painted it. Bennett still carries it around and proudly shows us his "B".


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


There are many things that I might categorize myself as, and a tree hugging hippie is not one of them. Yet, I do admit that I own crocs. When I hear people make fun of crocs I usually will agree, yes they are super ugly...yes they look like big ole' boats on your feet...but man alive have you ever slipped your feet into a pair and worn them around for a whole entire day? Your feet will be singing praises in your name.

I use my crocs as house shoes (does this mean I am becoming an old lady?) and love wearing them around. We have zero carpet on our main floor- so I spend about 90% of the day with my bare feet standing on tile and it just plain hurts! So these crocs have been my saving grace! (Mind you as a side note these were hand me downs from my little sister...who now wears a size 10 in womens...she is 13. So I have yet to spend the muola on these suckers.)

Here is where the sad story starts...on Saturday I was hosing off our side yard (yes it is cement) in my crocs. They were soaking wet so I left them outside in the crazy Vegas sun to dry off. I pulled them in the house after drying for MAYBE 3 hours. AND THEY SHRANK! Seriously, they are now at least 1 size smaller than what they were. Crocs shrink (who knew?) and what a sad day it is!! Now what will I do? Maybe I will have to admit that I am a tree huggin hippie and go and buy a pair...because they are seriously the most comfortable things ever! But when you see that they make them cute like might be hard to resist a new pair of house shoes!!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Protecting without going private

I found something that might be helpful to those that aren't private but are looking at protecting their pictures!

Here is how I protect my pictures from 'right clicking and saving'. I tried typing it so you could copy and paste it, but Blogger won't let me. It's being ridiculous. Sorry!!!

So go to this website.

and there is a little link above the box with the code that you can click to copy the code. Then
on your blog, go to layout and choose to create a new gadget. Choose an HTML/Java and paste the code in there. You can change the message to whatever you want from the default 'this function is disabled'.

DELETE the part that looks like this:

============================================================Script: Basic No-Right-Click ScriptFunctions: Blocks right-click on mouse and shows alert boxBrowsers: NS & IE 4.0 & later; degrades gracefullyAuthor: etLux============================================================
Put the following script in the head of your page:

Now, the tricky thing is, if you host through someone like flickr or photobucket, you have to make sure your pictures are marked as private, or else someone can click on your picture, go to the hosting site and download them there.

Also...not sure about this one either- I am still able to download my own pics onto my desktop...wondering if this will stop it or if there is something else out there...


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I just got done painting our laundry room... I think I might be nesting? I have to put the finishing touches on it- but will take a pic to share once I am done!!

And, another side note-my husband is finally back in town for a bit. He has been gone for pretty much the past 3 weeks (yuck no fun.... ) and will be home for at least a week now. woohoo!! Look for some pics in the future!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Love the background?

ps- Had to mention the new background, because it is SO CUTE! If you really like it you should go check out Hilary's site...she is AMAZING! woohoo for new do's! Thanks Hil!


Brownie Trifle and Business

We have been taking care of alot of business around here...with the hubby out of town frequently these past couple of weeks we have been decluttering, cleaning, and just trying to keep busy!

I made this delicious Brownie Trifle last weekend again, and had to post and share the recipe. This is one of our favorites AND it takes very little time to make (aka a last minute treat!)

You will need:
1 brownie mix
Instant Vanilla pudding
Instant Chocolate pudding
Cool whip
Skors bars (or whatever fancies you)

Make the brownies, and both puddings (separate)

Once the brownies are cool, dish 1/2 of them into the bottom of the trifle bowl. Then layer 1/2 of each-

vanilla pudding
chocolate pudding
cool whip
crunched up candies (Whatever you chose)
Repeat! (starting with the brownies

It is so delicious- you will LOVE it!


Monday, August 3, 2009

24 Weeks

The bump has arrived...and I am already feeling big. Good thing I ONLY have like 4 months left...geez.

Also doesn't help that I am wearing my "mumu" today....with it being 107 outside sometimes a dress is the coolest thing to wear!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dance Recital

Halle had her final dance recital today- and it went great! We were not big fans of dropping her off at 10am and leaving her with the dance people- but it all ended up ok.

Bennett loved seeing Halle in her costume, sadly anyone under the age of 2 was "not invited" to come to the finally. (Sad right?) Although it was nice sitting through the entire program without having to entertain him!