Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brownie Trifle and Business

We have been taking care of alot of business around here...with the hubby out of town frequently these past couple of weeks we have been decluttering, cleaning, and just trying to keep busy!

I made this delicious Brownie Trifle last weekend again, and had to post and share the recipe. This is one of our favorites AND it takes very little time to make (aka a last minute treat!)

You will need:
1 brownie mix
Instant Vanilla pudding
Instant Chocolate pudding
Cool whip
Skors bars (or whatever fancies you)

Make the brownies, and both puddings (separate)

Once the brownies are cool, dish 1/2 of them into the bottom of the trifle bowl. Then layer 1/2 of each-

vanilla pudding
chocolate pudding
cool whip
crunched up candies (Whatever you chose)
Repeat! (starting with the brownies

It is so delicious- you will LOVE it!



Hil said...

YUM! I have never made a trifle before, i think it's about time i did so! Thanks for sharing.

Rachael said...

That sounds so yummy. I'll have to try it. Also, cute background/header! I love it.

Erin said...

Love the new background! And I'm mad at you for posting this. I have been craving cookies and sweets all stinkin' day and almost got the day over with and then I read your blog. I'm gonna have to make a run to Braum's. I'd make something myself, but my kitchen is spotless and I refuse to mess it up!

Anonymous said...

Love the little office gal on the computer...can I hire her?!!

Mom P. :) Trifle.....mmmmmmmmm!!!!

Bree said...

Halle looks adorable! And thanks for the recipe! YUM!

Hibbard Family said...

That sounds too good, I'm making it for sure.

Maegan said...

i think i need to get a triffle bowl!