Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

7 Years today. Great way to celebrate Easter and an aniversary! Of COURSE he spoiled me with a new item of jewlery...
If you look closely you will see a nice tennis bracelet adorning my wrist...I love this man! HE is my knight in shining armor.


Easter pics

Boy... three kids for Easter pics are SO CHALLENGING!!
This first picture- we got to church about 20 minutes earlier than normal so we could take pictures. The moment we get there- I get the older two ready and in position, snap this shot- then put M down so he can walk over there. As he is walking over there he trips and falls in total slow motion!! He puts is hands out in front of him, but place them too far back so his hands hit then his forehead hits!!! Scratch family pics at church.

After church we try getting pics...

and try

and try...

At least they are super cute kiddos!!


Easter Morn~

Quick picture of the kids enjoying their spoils for the morning. Not only did they get the normal candy (put in some REALLY cool easter eggs bought on super clearance from last year) but they also got Bambi. That easter bunny must be petrified that by the time we ask for all the disney movies for birthday's and christmas' we won't have them all and they will be put in the disney vault (collective gasp here).
p.s. If there are any other bunnies looking for good deals- Target had Beauty and the Beast on sale for $13.99, and Megamind for $6.99 this past week (a couple others too). And Walmart had it on sale for $13....


Saturday, April 23, 2011

3 of 100 things to do in Houston

We went to Rice's Annual Faculty and Staff Easter egg hunt this morning. It was SO MUCH FUN!! The kids had a blast, and it was great to meet some of the staff that work at Rice!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

African Cats

I won tickets to go see African Cats, since I wasn't able to go D took the older two kids on a date night. I dropped them off at his work, then he took them to a fancy restaurant (Wendy's) and then on to the movie theatre!
Here they are looking at a preview on his computer at work:

They had so much fun, and got home FAR too late on a school night...but who can say no to free tickets?


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday!

I just wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to the best man in the whole wide universe. He is, the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am so glad that we continually get to celebrate birthdays together. This year I couldn't decide which cake to make for his birthday so I just made two! One for Saturday night- cookie cake, and one for Sunday a Mint chocolate chip icecream cake- yum. We had so much fun spoiling him rotten- and I just love this guy to pieces!! Happy Birthday babe- here's to AT LEAST 60 more birthdays together!!!


1 of 100 Things to do in Houston

We decided we are going to start a list of 100 things to do in Houston and start knocking them off of our list!

We took the kids strawberry picking early Saturday morning, and they had a BLAST! The strawberry farm is right down the street from Halle's school so I have been wanting to check it out for some time. The kids had a blast- Bennett HAD to hold the bucket the whole time and loved finding the biggest strawberries.
Halle loved being able to "tell" Bennett where the best berries were to be found. And Miles, well he just couldn't wait to get them off the bush...and sometimes didn't wait.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

2 of 100 Things to do

We went and rode the Galveston was a 20 minute trip each way. Sadly we only rode it twice (there and back) Bennett wanted to ride it all day long. We had so much fun on this little family outing- the kids were bummed we weren't going to the beach but once they saw all the seagulls they could feed, and the dolphins they were happy campers. Who knew that this was only 40 minutes from our home?


Sunday, April 10, 2011


Here are some pics having fun- sometimes I get a kick out of what they do.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Date Night

Dustin and I had a bet going on our brackets for March madness....guess who lost? Of course, me. So I planned a fun night out for us- we ate at this fun restaurant called Amazon Grill then we went to a check out a Hairspray the musical put on in an outdoor theatre here. We had so much fun and need to get out more often!!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Science Museum

We went to the science museum with some friends, the boys had so much fun playing with all the toys!

The boys really have become best friends....and it is so fun to watch them interact together!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Allergy Tests

Little story to start off this post- I make breakfast every morning. And, it rotates- you know, Waffles, eggs, cereal, pancakes etc... every morning. On Sunday morning I made homemade sweetrolls and eggs. (gotta have something healthy in there) and EVERY time i make eggs it is a huge ordeal for Bennett to eat them. HUGE.

on to the post:

We finally went and had Bennett allergy tested this morning. We got in with a VERY good allergy and asthma specialist...and he lived up to everything that I had heard- he was WONDERFUL! When we first walked into the room the Dr. came in right away with a huge box of toys for the two boys to play with. They played while we discussed what brought us in, and issues that Bennett has been having. We talked for a bit and it was nice and reassuring.

Then the nurse came in to test him. But before she started she also started up the portable dvd player with Toy Story in it (they are good!) Then the nurse had us get ready- for those that have ever done this with a kid it is SO SAD! Basically they mark Bennett's back into 4 areas then take a "comb" that has 8 differant teeth that has a little needle on the end of each tooth that has been sitting in the test solution and poke him. This happens four differant times with four different needle/comb thingys. He wasn't happy but didn't throw too much of a fit (because Toy Story was on). After 15 minutes they came back in to check and see what he is officially allergic to. And the verdict-

He is allergic to: two different forms of grass and pollen, cats, eggs (severly), soy and milk. He didn't have a reaction to dogs or peanuts (super surprised here). We are going back in a month to do a more intense nut test and another outdoor test to see exactley what is making him have a hard time. The Dr. and I were both blown away that he didn't have a reaction to the peanuts- maybe he has outgrown it? He will test again just to make sure though- and not allergic to dogs...another big surprise. I mentioned to the Dr. the reactions he has had to dogs and he asked if all of those dogs were outside dogs- yes, so those dogs are more than likely rolling in the grass then rubbing all over Bennett! Thank goodness for answers- and a Dr. that treats allergies and asthma serious!

SO- back to the pre-post story. Here is to feeling like a horrid mom. I was making bennett eat his eggs before he could have anything else- and COME TO FIND OUT HE IS ALLERGIC TO EGGS!!! High five to a bad mom here.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Winner winner..chicken dinner.

I had a roommate who once said that, not sure who it was. I am sure she was fabulous whoever she was (I had A LOT of great roommates in college).

On to more- have you ever won anything? I feel like I go in spurts of winning things- ask my husband. I enter EVERY contest that I can...for the most part. I mostly enter blog contests because the probability of winning is a lot higher than that of- say something like Publishers Clearinghouse (which my Honey did every year...maybe it runs in the blood?) I have won jewelry, diaper bags (plural yes), gift cards to restaurants...but I do feel like I have my times when my winning streak is a lot higher. I will win more items over a short amount of time then have this huge dry spell where nothing happens.

Today we were sitting in line waiting to get Halle (have I mentioned that I drive 20+ minutes each way to pick her up from school?? And that her school isn't even registered in the gps because it get the point. So we are sitting there, boys enjoying the windows down when I decide to turn on the radio. Mr. Radio DJ man mentions they are giving away tickets to a movie premier- and I think, why not, I will try. I call once- busy. (Of course you HAVE to try again) I call the second time and it starts ringing- and HE answers. He asks me my name, of course says that is a fabulous name, then says he has good news and bad news. Bad news first, you aren't the caller we were looking for so you don't win the tickets. Boo. Good news is that you are caller number 10 so how about going to a concert, we will give you a pair of tickets to Owl City July 25th...does that sound ok? Of course it was ok, they put me live on the radio and I got to announce a couple of things- the best part is that I had my s-u-p-e-r sexy voice...because I am horribly congested right now.(We are talking like a female Sean Connery way too cute for my own good).

I seriously won tickets to a concert...super excited here. Maybe I should enter Publisher's Clearinghouse giveaway now...

I guess we actually have to figure out who Owl City is and what they play. Yep, I was the winner winner chicken dinner