Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall Yummies

I love fall, and living in Vegas you really don't get "fall" like we did in Indiana. So- what better way to celebrate then go to Trader Joes and get some Pumpkin Butter! We stopped by and picked some up after a Dr. appointment today (along with some other necessities) If you have never had any you HAVE to stop by and pick some up, especially if you like the pumpkinny taste of anything!! (Pumpkinny isn't a word....but I think it should be!)

ps- OCT 1st is pumpkin muffin day....yummy yummy


Monday, September 28, 2009

32 Weeks

Here is the 32 week mug shot...and yes I am growing more and more every day!

The highlight of last weeks appointment was when the Dr. said "wow you are growing a chunker in there"...and then continued to question my due date. He thinks they are off on my due date (surprise?) He thinks this little guy will come sooner than the expected arrival (not too sad) especially since I am measuring 4 weeks early (36 to be exact).

Anyway- the curtains.... I got the idea from Traci -and I love the way they turned out! They are actually drop cloths from home depot...and ran me a total of $20. AND they were already hemmed and ready to hang I just had to put a stitch on top! (woohoo for easy curtains!)


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Being Crafty

I have been busy trying to put things together in our home before little boy makes his debut- here are a couple updates!
Laundry Room\
I painted our laundry room bright yellow...makes me just a bit happier doing laundry! I also got baskets to put all cleaning stuff in...makes it look a bit more organized!

And the picture- I found the frame and touched it up, then put some bright paper in it...super easy and cheap!
I finally bucked up and made curtains for our family room. I couldn't stomach paying $100+ for curtains when I knew that I wouldn't be 100% happy...who really does paying that much?? I found this little shortcut- made these puppies... and you would never believe how much I really big deal here!

I am 32 weeks pregnant on Monday (measuring 36 according to my Dr.) and will be posting a pic...maybe I will give my shortcut secret on Monday if interested!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Mission Call!

My little brother got his mission call this morning- he is going to the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission and reports to the MTC on January 27th!! It was such a neat moment to hear him opening the call...we all got goosebumps! We are just so excited for him and know that he will make a great missionary!! We love you DREWY!!!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chubby hands

Bennett is still a wee bit in that "baby chub" stage although he has grown up so much! This was reaffirmed to me when we got home from church last week- although he dresses like quite the little dude-

He still has his chubby babe hands!!

And that is even better with that cute ring on his finger!


Sunday, September 20, 2009


We have heard that this little girl looks like a "Peterson"...and she does. She looks just like her aunties!!

And this little boy...well if you can't see the resemblance he looks JUST like my side of the family. My brother and dad were here about a week ago- we went to the aquarium and I told both boys to smile at me so I could get a pic.

Seriously? They both gave me the exact same facial expression! It was so much fun having them here- my little brother just turned in his mission papers so we are anxiously waiting to hear where he will be going!! Bennett is a little sad to have "Dewey" gone (his real name is Drew) and won't let anyone sit in the chair where "Dewey" sat while he stayed with us. We are looking forward to having everyone here for Thanksgiving!! (If Drew is still around!!)


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Snuggle partner?

Halle and I recently enjoyed a shopping trip to Savers (if you have never been is AMAZING!!) I scored some major deals while there (maternity overalls...brand new for $2?) I am in heaven! BUT- because Halle was so good while shopping I let her pick a toy to bring home. She picked a big giant RAT. I think it is suppose to be Halloween decoration, but around our house it has become quite the pet. I went to check on Halle during nap time one day and this is what I saw... can't tell what she is snuggled up to? Here is a better angle...

Kind of creepy, right??


Monday, September 14, 2009

Bennett's Night Party

We had another little get together this past weekend at the local park- my Dad and brother were both in town so we thought it would be fun! Bennett invited (or tried to) invite all the little boys from his nursery class (at church) and we had cake and icecream. We did learn that at this park you have to be there HOURS in advance to get a "nice table" so we just got a round bench- cut the cake- fed the kids then played at the park. Bennett LOVED his Walle cake and enjoyed being able to play at the park too!! It has been a bit too hot to play at the park so it was super fun for him!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

San Diego Temple

We went and visited the San Diego Temple while we were there, and it was SO BEAUTIFUL!! It looks just like a castle....Halle kept wondering why we couldn't go in (closed on Sundays) but was very content walking around the grounds.


Sea World and Beach

This weekend we went to San Diego...and had a blast! We went to Sea World first thing Saturday morning- we hit up the Shamu show first (and sat in the second row...getting SOAKED) but it felt nice because it was HOT!

We spend the rest of the day playing and having fun...around 3ish we were done at Sea World. (That is what happens when it is way hot and we had just been there in June.) So we headed back to the hotel to freshen up (pointless) then went to dinner at Hodad's (great burger place)

and played on the beach. THe kids had so much fun at the beach, and they were both SO DIRTY after!! It was a lot of fun though...and the kids thought it was super fun so-a successful day!!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Bennett!!

Today is Bennett's 2nd birthday! Time has just flown by with him, and we just feel so lucky to have him in our family!! We went to San Diego for the past weekend to celebrate (pictures to come soon) and had a blast! Here are pics from his birthday dinner tonight...and of course what else would we have but chicken nuggets, and macaroni!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of Preschool (round 2)

Halle had her first day of preschool today... and she was so excited!! Bennett was super excited too, and was really bummed when he found out that he couldn't go with big sister to school!! (cried as we sad!!) Before I know they both will be in school!! Crazy how fast time flies!

Also posting 28 week pics... not too much growth from last time but still growing!! (ps...don't mind the stuff in the background... I am making a trip to D.I. and babiesrus tomorrow to get a new carseat!!)


Birthday dinner

Yesterday was my birthday... I turned the big 26- (getting up there right?) It was a good day- Dustin made blueberry pancakes for breakfast (love it) then we spent the morning at the pediatricians where we found out that both Halle and Bennett have ear infections. Woohoo! So we spent the rest of the day with lots of Motrin running through the little bodies in our home. Dustin got home from work and made homemade fetticini alfredo (like sauce from scratch!!) Then brought out his cheesecake that he made...his first time ever!! Even though it looks a wee bit different it was FANTASTIC! It was a great birthday-