Sunday, September 20, 2009


We have heard that this little girl looks like a "Peterson"...and she does. She looks just like her aunties!!

And this little boy...well if you can't see the resemblance he looks JUST like my side of the family. My brother and dad were here about a week ago- we went to the aquarium and I told both boys to smile at me so I could get a pic.

Seriously? They both gave me the exact same facial expression! It was so much fun having them here- my little brother just turned in his mission papers so we are anxiously waiting to hear where he will be going!! Bennett is a little sad to have "Dewey" gone (his real name is Drew) and won't let anyone sit in the chair where "Dewey" sat while he stayed with us. We are looking forward to having everyone here for Thanksgiving!! (If Drew is still around!!)



Karina said...

I LOVE that picture of the boys - the resemblance is amazing!

Ali said...

That's so cute! They really do resemble each other, don't they? I think it's sweet that he is missing his Uncle! It's the best when family comes for a visit and the pits when they leave :) Darling kids. It will be fun to see who baby number 3 looks like!