Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sea World and Beach

This weekend we went to San Diego...and had a blast! We went to Sea World first thing Saturday morning- we hit up the Shamu show first (and sat in the second row...getting SOAKED) but it felt nice because it was HOT!

We spend the rest of the day playing and having fun...around 3ish we were done at Sea World. (That is what happens when it is way hot and we had just been there in June.) So we headed back to the hotel to freshen up (pointless) then went to dinner at Hodad's (great burger place)

and played on the beach. THe kids had so much fun at the beach, and they were both SO DIRTY after!! It was a lot of fun though...and the kids thought it was super fun so-a successful day!!



acos said...

sam is your hair different? i love the color! and sea world, FUNNNNNN! your babes are so stinking cute

Katie said...

How fun! You guys have been doing so many fun things lately. I'm jealous! The only trip we've been on recently was to Pocatello, ID. Sad I know.

Katy said...

What great memories you made on your trip. I have always wanted to go to Sea World.

Natalie said...

aww i miss california!!