Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bennett' big day

Bennett's big day finally came- he was so excited to have a birthday. 
Blowing out the candle on the cupcake-
 His little cheerleader- this guy will laugh and smile- he is so happy!
 Bennett LOVED opening presents-
 and the legos were a huge hit.
 The next morning he woke up bright and early for his first baseball game- He is really good at hitting the ball!!
 Miles wants to play SO bad, sadly he has to wait at least another year due to his age. (darn fall birthdays)
 After his game, he came home and changed to get ready for his water party. The biggest request was to have lots of water balloons- so we delivered.... actually my sweet mother in law who came out for the birthday filled up all the water balloons!

 The kids enjoying hotdogs and being goofy!
 Spiderman pinata-
 Miles had a mean swing at the pinata too-
 And he really wanted a FIRE cake...not quite sure where that came from, but I made a fire cake.
Happy Birthday Benny bo boo!! 

First Day of School

Halle's first day of 2nd grade- We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new school!!

She gets to ride her bike to school every day! (bless me)
 Her little bike parked and ready
 Here she is in her classroom- excited for her first day!!
 Bennett and his excited/nervous grin.
 He was stoked to be doing one last year of preschool (sarcasm) he REALLY wanted to be going full day to Kinder but he missed the cut off by 7 sad.
 I think this little guy is excited that he still has his big bro to play with for one more year


The big day 7!!

I forgot to mention that my mother-in-law came in town to help with the birthday party and to celebrate with us too! It was so nice having her there! 
 We had so much fun with Grammy-
 And then right after Grammy left on Sunday mid-day, we had my parents show up. Halle's birthday was on monday so she wanted a big party with grandma and grandpa peterson with homemade pizza, and a giant fruit salad.
 It was a lot of fun (If you can't tell by Alex's face)
 Halle loved being the center of attention
 She especially loved her new desk in her room-
 And loved the presents that Bennett gave her- they really are the best of buds.
 Miles was along for the ride, but loved the one on one time he got with Alex during bath time.


Halle's Birthday party

Halle wanted to enjoy the "nice" weather and have a fun water party outside. So, in the triple digit heat we had a water party! We had lots of fun games,
 A cute little man-
 A wicked swing at the pinata-
 A pink ombre cake-
 with lots of kids to eat it
 ice cream didn't even stay on the plates because it was too hot
 and or course lots of water slides and friends to enjoy it


San Antonio & Denton

Dustin went on his big trip this summer so we thought we would meet up with my parents in San Antonio and then go up to Denton together. The first day we went to Sea World....phew that was HOT! I think the kids had a blast...sorry no pics to show from it! The next day on our way out of town we stopped by the San Antonio temple- it is so pretty! It is set up on a hill so you can pretty much see the whole city! 
 The kids walking with Pops-
 Sugar with Mr. Rowe
 And had to try and get a decent family shot in front of it-


Halle's dance recital

Halle had a dance recital the end of May and it was so much fun to watch her perform- she learned so much this past year with Mrs. Tricia's dance class!! 

 We even had the opportunity to have my mother-in-law and sister-in-law in town for the recital!

 The boys loved cheering her on- you can tell they totally adore her.
 And of course, Daddy's little girl.
 Her dance teacher
 Another pic with grammy