Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Day of School

Halle's first day of 2nd grade- We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new school!!

She gets to ride her bike to school every day! (bless me)
 Her little bike parked and ready
 Here she is in her classroom- excited for her first day!!
 Bennett and his excited/nervous grin.
 He was stoked to be doing one last year of preschool (sarcasm) he REALLY wanted to be going full day to Kinder but he missed the cut off by 7 sad.
 I think this little guy is excited that he still has his big bro to play with for one more year



Shannon said...

I'm glad she can ride a bike. my daughter - won't touch it. She fell of once 2 years ago and won't go near it again. Good grief.

Baby is so cute!! I love his smiles