Sunday, December 16, 2007

Car Drive from...

We made it!! It was a REALLY REALLY long trip but we are finally sitting warm and snug in my parents home. We left Saturday night around 8 thinking that we were going to beat that horrible winter storm that was heading our way...or if not beat it have it pass right over us. We were horribly wrong. We made it about 150 miles in three hours and decided that we should stop for the night...if all of the truckers are pulling over you know it is pretty serious. We stopped for the night and got started early this morning. After 12 hours of driving, and two overly patient kids we are here!! So- hopefully you all have a wonderful holiday, and I will try to post again soon!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Do

So here is the new do, I am still not too sure about it but I am sure I will enjoy it more once I start doing it. (You know it is always hard when you come home from the salon and you really just want to do your hair...) Anyway- it is a nice change. And as far as the picture...this was at the end of a long day-I am already in my jammies!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


So many have been asking to see some recent pics of Bennett...and here you go!! This is all 17lbs of him...and there is a lot of him!! But here is the newest dilema- as you can see he is no longer fitting in his baby bath tub but doesn't feel really comfortable in the big bath tub with just me holding him because he is well, not secure. Any suggestions? I have seen like a foam pad that you can put in the tub but has anyone ever tried it?? I would love any suggestions!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Preparing for Texas

Nothing too exciting has happened lately but thought it has been awhile- so thought I would just share the recent happenings in the Peterson household. Dustin is finally finishing up classes and work. So, I bet I will start seeing him around starting on Thursday (his first day off) so I am excited! This Christmas break will be a great break from school for him! I am doing great, I am excited for the new hair do and thanks for all the votes! I have an appointment set up for Thursday morning and will post pics as soon as I get home! Halle is not a big fan of the cold weather that we have been getting, mostly because it is too cold to even go out and play! She is looking forward to being in Texas at the end of the week so she can play in the warmth!! And, last but not least- Bennett is doing ok- poor guy is on steriod lotion for a rash, a different head lotion for another rash, and eye drops for an eye infection...yet he is still the happiest baby!! My big ole 17lb boy... yes he is very healthy for being only 3 months old. My kids are cute- tonight I decided I wanted to go running so Halle brought some books into our room and read Bennett stories the entire time I was running ( a good 20 minutes +) Halle is a great support team to running...she cheers me on and then when I am finished she gets on and runs (with the treadmill set on 1.0)! Other than that we are all doing great- we will be leaving for Texas on Saturday night for the vicious driving-through-the-night-beacuase-what-else-would-you-do-with-kids? And we are looking forward to it! I will try getting some more recent pics up soon!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Famous Hubby

Ok, so it took me forever to figure out how to do this but- I finally did so you all can see!! We found out that Dustin was on Good Morning America yesterday morning!! This is a tiny picture of him when he was around 14 giving a talk at church!! They were doing a special on Mitt Romney yesterday and focused on the church and showed an excerpt of Dustin's old ward from when he was growing up (that was filmed back in the day by ABC news doing a piece in Dallas on family home evening and in the mormon church!!) So- needless to say we are quitting grad school, and Dustin will be pursuing a career in acting! Wish us luck!!

Monday, December 3, 2007


It is that time of year again, and Halle got her first taste of Eggnog the other day. The video is a little dark but the sounds is great- so turn up your computer!!

And of course the "mustache" picture...