Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hard Work

At what age does hard work become instilled in ones characteristics? I mean, can you look at someone at the age of 4 and say "I don't think they will be a hard worker?" Or, is it something that can be worked on throughout life to either be a hard worker or to totally give up and say I would rather sit and watch TV the rest of my life?

This little girl...she is a hard worker...she tries really hard at preschool, ballet, and doing her daily chores. Do I help push her along at times? Yes, but I think we always need someone "better" than us helping us and pushing us along. It make us stronger!

This all comes from an experience we had the other day- there was a man walking down the road and I decided that we needed to pick him up and take him to wherever he was going (don't worry, Dustin was in the car). He got in and was SO grateful that we picked him up, he shared his story with us. He lives out by us and walks 6 miles every morning to get to the bus stop. Once he gets to the bus stop he rides for 35-45 minutes into work to be a security guard at a casino, and then he does the same thing that night to get home. He leaves his home at 3:00 in the morning, and doesn't get home till usually around 9pm. And he does this every day, 7 days a week-because it is a job.

It made me really question how hard of a worker I am, yes I do stay at home with the kids(which is a job) but am I as productive as I can be? Do I work to the best of my ability? Do I push myself to be a better mom, to work harder in getting things accomplished? All thoughts to consider as you can on throughout your day!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Saint Patty's Day

We had a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day yesterday!! Both kids chose their green outfits...Halle showed me that hers does have a green stripe on it, and she wore her green shorts. I even did Halle's hair as a 3 leaf clover (yeah you try convincing her to stay still enough for a 4 leaf one!)

I even got brave and made Corn Beef and Cabbage for dinner...not a big hit (it is a really fatty meat) but everyone ate it and we all woke up fine this morning so I figure we all survived!

** And, a Happy Late Birthday to a special lady I have known for a VERY long fact we have been best friends since pre-school. I hope you had a great day Amanda...I was thinking about you all day!!


Monday, March 16, 2009

We are Back

We are back in business here, yes that means I am back to doing the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and watching of kids... (boy being with family for almost two weeks was REALLY nice...almost too nice)!!! Nothing too big has happened here, Halle is still full of her 3 going on 17 girl spunk and Bennett is still as boy as ever (and boy I mean the hitting, biting, and teasing his sister). We did paint Halle's room this weekend (blah) and yes I know we have been in our home for almost 8 months and we are still painting but who really likes to paint? I am now starting the decorating part...after seeing a lot of gorgeous homes being back in Texas I decided it was time to tackle it here. I am struggling with the arrangement of our family room, and until I find how I would like for it to go I feel stuck. (Any helpers here in the Vegas area want to give it a looksie??) BUT the good news is that they just opened a HomeGoods store right down the street from where we live (woohoo!!) Imagine TJ Maxx...but it is only filled with home decor stuff...yep I am talking rows and rows of breakables, rhinestone calculators, and pictures that have no place in my home...but you can still find your great deals! We went today, (note to self I need to go with NO kids...Halle touching everything, Bennett throwing his pretzels...yep I was one of those moms). But hey- we came away with a lot of good decor...and I will return more than likely by the end of the week-anyone want to join me?? It is way too much fun there! I will write again soon, and with pictures!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Too Much Fun

We are having way too much fun. Want to hear what we have been doing all morning?
First we went and jumped on the trampoline
Then we went and visited grandma down the street
We went up and visited the horses and cows (Bennett got licked up his shirt by the cow...blah) and saw the new foal
Came back down to do more jumping and playing
Finally came inside to eat lunch-both kids were falling asleep in their lunch

...boy I love being back at my parents place for a bit. A nice change from our rocky backyard, and cement sideyard.