Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hard Work

At what age does hard work become instilled in ones characteristics? I mean, can you look at someone at the age of 4 and say "I don't think they will be a hard worker?" Or, is it something that can be worked on throughout life to either be a hard worker or to totally give up and say I would rather sit and watch TV the rest of my life?

This little girl...she is a hard worker...she tries really hard at preschool, ballet, and doing her daily chores. Do I help push her along at times? Yes, but I think we always need someone "better" than us helping us and pushing us along. It make us stronger!

This all comes from an experience we had the other day- there was a man walking down the road and I decided that we needed to pick him up and take him to wherever he was going (don't worry, Dustin was in the car). He got in and was SO grateful that we picked him up, he shared his story with us. He lives out by us and walks 6 miles every morning to get to the bus stop. Once he gets to the bus stop he rides for 35-45 minutes into work to be a security guard at a casino, and then he does the same thing that night to get home. He leaves his home at 3:00 in the morning, and doesn't get home till usually around 9pm. And he does this every day, 7 days a week-because it is a job.

It made me really question how hard of a worker I am, yes I do stay at home with the kids(which is a job) but am I as productive as I can be? Do I work to the best of my ability? Do I push myself to be a better mom, to work harder in getting things accomplished? All thoughts to consider as you can on throughout your day!