Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Memory

A couple years ago my Grandpa (ok a lot of years ago) worked for a refinerary in Utah with LOTS of other men. He wore like a one piece thermal to keep him warm with only holes in the appropriate places to go to the bathroom. On the night before April Fools Day my Grandma got busy with her project...not telling anyone what she was doing. Everyone woke up that morning and nothing seemed too out of place. So, everyone went to their appropriate destination. Grandpa went to work along with all the other men in the area...and up until mid-morning was having a great day. When all of a sudden he decided that he needed to go to the bathroom. He went to the urinals to (excuse me) but relieve himself when all of a sudden he couldn't get his under-roos open. (Mind you he has on pants, and a nice shirt over his under-roos.) Looking down he realized that my Grandma had sewn his under-roos closed. SO-in order to go to the bathroom he had to take off his shirt, take off his pants, and unbutton his under-roos, pull them down and THEN go to the bathroom.

Happy April Fool's Day...hopefully everyone keeps their pants dry today!



Emily said...

I love that story. So funny!

kim said...

This cracked me up! Your sweet grandma did that - I can't imagine that!

Chels said...

Samye, you are SO adorable! I love your blog!! I recently joined the blogging world myself... like, yesterday. :) This is awesome! How did you design such a beautiful blog? All tips are welcome! I'm a newbie!
Your family is absolutely beautiful. I'm very glad to be your blog buddy. :)

Anonymous said...

Great story .... ummm the under roos were his normal special "underwear" AND he had his support leotards on top! April Fools was a scary thing at our house!


Anonymous said...

Too late to try this on Dustin...maybe he will forget it and you can do it next year..... :)

Mom P. :0

Stuart and Heather said...

It sounds like your grandma was one funny lady!