Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Get Away!

We just got back from a fabulous trip! It was so nice and relaxing to get away from "the grind" and be spoiled rotten for 10 days. We flew out Friday morning and spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with my mother-in-law and sisters-my mother-in-law just graduated with her Master's degree (woohoo!!) Then on Monday morning Dustin and I left the kiddos with my parents and left for Puerto Rico! Originally we were planned to go to Mexico, but we just weren't feeling too safe going there (seeing as I am pregnant... swine flu...etc..etc) so we rerouted last minute to Puerto Rico and we are SO GLAD we went there! Our week was so much fun!

We spent all day monday traveling and got in late monday night. We got to the car rental place where we had reserved an economy car (you know the smallest, cheapest car that you can get) and left driving a jeep (a HUGE price difference- but with my smooth talking with didn't get hit with the charges!!)

On Tuesday morning we got up early and rented biked and rode along their version of a board walk (basically riding through the town seeing the "real" side of PR.) After bike riding we drove up to the rainforest (about 45 minute drive) and saw the gorgeous waterfalls- then hiked to the top of this tower and looked out over all of the forest (gorgeous). Then drove down to the seven seas beach and hiked (yes hiked) through a mangrove forest to a secluded beach (we were the only people there) and snorkled for sea shells. Then headed over to the nearby bay and went kayaking through the ocean (saw a huge manatee while doing so) through a tiny canal, into the bioluminescent bay. That was a beautiful experience...nature is just so amazing!

On Wednesday morning we left bright and early and took a catamaran to Culebra Island for a snorkeling adventure. We snorkeled for a bit, then took the boat in to Flamenco beach and played all day. It was so much fun!!!! (On a rather sad note, this is where we either misplaced or our camera got all we have are pics from our underwater camera hence why these pics don't really look anything like us! Hopefully we will find our camera- we are trying to keep in touch with our tour guide...but we all kind of know what they will do when they find a nice digital camera Happy Birthday to them!)

Thursday morning we woke up and went to Old San Juan all morning-toured the city. Enchanting, rather hilly city. Then since it was pouring rain that afternoon we took naps and then went to a movie-yes it was in English.

Then friday we went to the beach by our hotel, then went to the pool at our hotel, then started our journey back to Texas!

It was so much fun to get away- and since being back I have been "paying for it". Bennett has now started growling at me... he just wasn't too happy that I left him. Halle is still her sweet self, just a slightly more spoiled sweet girl. We got to spend all weekend with my family (which was super nice) and wish that we lived just a tad bit closer so we could see family a bit more often!**as a side note all pictures to resemble exactly what we really was that gorgeous.


Thursday, May 14, 2009


So much has happened in the past week- and of course I haven't written any of it down! For a brief recap- we had a great mother's day- Dustin treated me like a queen and even made me a candy bouqet, my fav. breakfast, and took care of the kids all day. Dustin also recieved another Mother's day gift and got released as Sunday School Teacher in our church and is now the Young Men's President!! What a treat for him! We had another great Dr's visit this week where we had another sonogram and the doctor said he is about 80 % he knows the gender... we know it but will wait until we have the official viewing of private parts. Any guesses??

And- we are super busy right now getting packed up and ready to head out on our anniversary trip...warm sunshine, sandy beach, and snorkeling with no kids!! Woohoo!! While in Texas we also get to see my Mother-in-law graduate with her Master's and spend time with family!!

Wish us luck...and we will have LOTS AND LOTS of pics when we get back~


Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day at preschool

Halle's preschool celebrated mothers day and invited all the moms to come for a little luncheon and program! It was so cute!! Here are a couple of pictures, but they don't do it justice because they were so precious!!! Halle is such a gem and we are so excited that she got to make all sorts of friends in preschool this year...and yes, their class is all girls!
Here is one of her little friends Mia.

The artwork that Halle made. That little booklet is a coupon book that she made, it has her lips (thanks for introducing lipstick) on every page and each page is a free kiss for me!

Here is her class picture- try getting all these girls to stay perfectly still!!


Women's Conference

I had the opportunity to go to Women's Conference up in Provo Utah at BYU with my mom and sister last week and we had such a fun time!! Dustin stayed at home with the kids while I made the journey up! I had such a fun time listening to uplifting speakers, spending time with my mom and sister, and also getting the chance to see an old college roomate! It was so fun, I am sad that I don't think I will be able to go next year (no babies allowed) but am excited to start this up!
Seeing my old roomate Jamie (from like a billion years ago) and it was so much fun to catch up!! We even met up the next day to crochet baby blankets! (I know look at crafty!)

After enjoying some lunch out in the courtyard

Here is a picture of us on the last day leaving-


Cooking Help

We made cookies the other day, and I had two great helpers.

Except when Halle found a "boogie" in Bennett's nose.

But these are the cutest helpers!!