Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day at preschool

Halle's preschool celebrated mothers day and invited all the moms to come for a little luncheon and program! It was so cute!! Here are a couple of pictures, but they don't do it justice because they were so precious!!! Halle is such a gem and we are so excited that she got to make all sorts of friends in preschool this year...and yes, their class is all girls!
Here is one of her little friends Mia.

The artwork that Halle made. That little booklet is a coupon book that she made, it has her lips (thanks for introducing lipstick) on every page and each page is a free kiss for me!

Here is her class picture- try getting all these girls to stay perfectly still!!



Stuart and Heather said...

What a cute preschool idea! I'm betting that all those girls just have so much fun together! What a cute little group they have!

The Collins said...

So cute!! Preschool all together is so fun and the best thing ever! And Samye....THank you so much for the adorable dress!! I love it! THat was so thoughtful and kind of you!! I can't wait to hear what you are having! I really need your address!! THanks so much again! Hope you and your family are doing good! Love ya and miss ya! Love