Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Holy Post Batman

So we bought a house. 

Is that a valid excuse for the fact that I haven't done anything on this blog for almost two months? I should think so. 

We moved into our home over Memorial weekend- it was a HOT move with little help. (grumble) Saturday night of that same weekend we realized that our downstairs AC wasn't working. Nice. We finally got that fixed by that next Wednesday- it was 88 degrees in our home and humid. 

We put new granite counter tops into our kitchen.

Got brand new appliances...the fridge and deep freeze were dented. bummer. We kept them and they said they would deliver new ones soon.

I had to fix the grout and caulk in all the bathrooms. I am a fan of caulking but grouting the tile floor was not much fun. 

We got the second delivery of appliances-fridge looked great, the new deep freeze was dented. again.

I spray painted all of our chandeliers....if you have a gold chandelier and want to change it but are nervous it is SUPER easy. 
Here is a picture of our dining room. I am still looking for rugs for the whole house, along with curtains but you can see the great looking chandelier. The candelabra covers are coming via mail HOPEFULLY today. 

Dustin left on business so the kids and I headed to San Antonio to go to Sea World with my parents. Then we went up to Denton for a full week of swimming and playing. It was a nice break. 
Kids loved seeing Sesame Street characters
And playing at my parents place
They came with our third deep freeze. Want to hear something REALLY funny? It was dented. 

We had a tropical storm that scared me into getting our 72 hour kits ready. Scared me enough that i had them done in 1 day. 

 FINALLY they came with a deep freeze that was not dented. Fourth times a charm.

 Dustin took a week vacation from work, and he spent the time making this:
Each kid has a hanger where his/her stuff goes, we just need a picture for Rowe and we are set.

I bought couches. My sweet patient husband went to EVERY furniture store in Houston. Literally we saw every couch you could look at. I found couches that I liked and bought them. As of right now Dustin hasn't seen them... I think he will just be grateful that we now have somewhere to sit. 

This little girl's birthday was yesterday. Both my mother-in-law and my parents came down to celebrate the big day.  
 Needless to say we have been very busy. Hopefully I can continue this catch up...