Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I scored this baby from Kroger today for only $8. I felt GREAT! Especially since we pay $25 a week for this powder gold. We celebrated with shish-kabobs.

Oh, and Bennett had his 9 month checkup 2 weeks early today. Due to traveling etc...we decided to get him in just so we didn't miss anything! He hasn't grown much since his last appointment (surprising) he weighs 22lbs (75%) is 90% for height, and off the charts for his head size (no surprise there). I can't find the paper that says the exact measurements so...that will do. We didn't get any shots today-just did a lead poisoning test-which was negative. Bennett is growing up so fast- he is already working on two more teeth...that will be 6 total! He is such a sweet little boy...he has learned how to give kisses and will give them willingly to me and Halle...he hesitates with D due to the goatee. He has become mobile-and can pivote from point A to point B with no problem. Still doesn't do the traditional crawling-but I think that might change when he has more space to crawl in (grammy's he comes!) We are so lucky to have such a sweet little boy... he almost makes me want another one...key word being almost...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Late Memorial Day

We had a wonderful memorial day-it rained for a good part of the day, but we made the best of it and packed! We did get the chance to light some fireworks that night, and had a great little memorial day present from our neighbors to enjoy.

We have had the best neighbors here, luckily his family is from Vegas (everyone knows someone in Vegas) so hopefully we will get to see them in Vegas!

On another note we are looking at selling our microwave, and washer/dryer...anyone need one in the B-town area??

Thursday, May 22, 2008


We bought a house!! We made an offer last week and have been patiently (anxiously) waiting to hear back. We found out today that our offer was accepted and, pending a clean inspection, we are proud homeowners! It is a 2-story, 1700 sq ft., 3 bed, 3 bath home built in 2006. It has granite in the kitchen, 12" tile on the main floor, and an outdoor fireplace/chimney in the courtyard. We are super excited about it!! We will be closing at the end of the month when Dustin and his dad drive our stuff to Vegas. So now we have a place for everyone to stay when they come and visit us -- just not all at's only 3 bedrooms.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This picture was taken about a week ago- and I think Bennett's teeth have grown about another 10 inches...well not really but they are SO HUGE. And, he loves to bite- he will bite anything he can get his teethies on!! (And it doesn't feel pleseant!) We are slowly getting packed up for the big move...we still don't know about the homes but will let you guys know as soon as we know!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Las Vegas Pics

Here are the pictures from our Las Vegas trip! I think we are really going to enjoy living there!!
Swimming at the pool...of course the highlight of the trip.

We went and enjoyed walking around the temple with the kids. We are SO Excited to have one so close to us!!

Halle told us she needed to stretch for a little bit (we had been walking for a little while) so she hopped up on the fountain and started stretching.

Enjoying the view

At the MGM Grand they have an indoor lion place. If you look close (you might have to enlarge) you can see the lion laying on the glass above their heads!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bathtime fun

Just had some bathtime fun that we had to share...

Look at what happens when Halle takes a toy...

Halle loved taking pictures so much...she wanted to take a bunny picture.


Well we are back! We went to Las Vegas this past week to check out homes and the area... I have decided that I am going to LOVE living there!! Yes, I know that it gets really really really hot in the summers...but the falls and winters and springs...yep, gorgeous! We found a couple of homes that we really liked, and actually bid on them. We won't know if we get them or not for a little bit. Keep your fingers crossed because that would be so fantastic if we did! We are excited to be moving there and now have to get ready for our next big trip. We have started packing a little...more like going through everything and seeing what we want to throw away, sell, or try and take with us- but we have almost started the countdown!! I will try and get pictures up as soon as I get the chance!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dancing man

He is getting SO close to crawling...and I really don't mind that he is taking his time! He can already scoot his way around by moving backwards and rolling-I am sure that any day he will figure out how to crawl!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Graduation Weekend

What an exciting weekend we had!! Dustin received his Masters (YIPPEEE!!)! It was so much fun to have family here to celebrate with us in this exciting moment in life-and only wish everyone could have made it!!

Friday night was Dustin's "hooding ceremony" where you are hooded to recognize the completion of you Masters degree. It was super neat to watch Dustin walk across the stage and get hooded, and then to hear his wonderful recognition of the support he felt throughout these past two years.

Saturday we got to celebrate the beautiful weather we are getting here (get it now before we move to Vegas!!) and toured the campus one last time with our families.

Then everyone slowly left on Sunday...and we miss them terribly!! (Especially Halle!)

It was such a fun weekend, well that and a little bittersweet. Now we are on to the next stage of life, but have enjoyed Bloomington SO much. A dear friend of mine left today to accompany her husband on an internship for the summer-and it was sad watching her leave knowing that it will be awhile before I get to see her again...but hey- that is what blogs are for right?? (smile)