Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I scored this baby from Kroger today for only $8. I felt GREAT! Especially since we pay $25 a week for this powder gold. We celebrated with shish-kabobs.

Oh, and Bennett had his 9 month checkup 2 weeks early today. Due to traveling etc...we decided to get him in just so we didn't miss anything! He hasn't grown much since his last appointment (surprising) he weighs 22lbs (75%) is 90% for height, and off the charts for his head size (no surprise there). I can't find the paper that says the exact measurements so...that will do. We didn't get any shots today-just did a lead poisoning test-which was negative. Bennett is growing up so fast- he is already working on two more teeth...that will be 6 total! He is such a sweet little boy...he has learned how to give kisses and will give them willingly to me and Halle...he hesitates with D due to the goatee. He has become mobile-and can pivote from point A to point B with no problem. Still doesn't do the traditional crawling-but I think that might change when he has more space to crawl in (grammy's he comes!) We are so lucky to have such a sweet little boy... he almost makes me want another one...key word being almost...


Thompson's said...

Hey samye and dustin, sorry we missed you guys and didn't hang out before we left. We have been busy trying to get things organized to leave. We won't be back for a couple of months so I don't know if we will see you all. Keep in touch. I talked to Ryan Anderson the other day, he said he had just seen your parents samye. It is a small world. Your kids are cute and Dustin congrats on the job. I look forward one day to being finished with school.


knjfabela said...


At the Target in Denton there are some cans on clearance. I don't know if they have them on clearance there or not but you pay $18 for a $26.99 big can. (has about 30 extra ounces)