Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well we are back! We went to Las Vegas this past week to check out homes and the area... I have decided that I am going to LOVE living there!! Yes, I know that it gets really really really hot in the summers...but the falls and winters and springs...yep, gorgeous! We found a couple of homes that we really liked, and actually bid on them. We won't know if we get them or not for a little bit. Keep your fingers crossed because that would be so fantastic if we did! We are excited to be moving there and now have to get ready for our next big trip. We have started packing a little...more like going through everything and seeing what we want to throw away, sell, or try and take with us- but we have almost started the countdown!! I will try and get pictures up as soon as I get the chance!


Anonymous said...

So what part of Vegas did you end up looking to live? It will be fun to get together again once we move!

The Perkes Family said...

Can't wait to hear more! Hopefully everything works out for you guys. Can't wait to have to closer, we will have to come and visit when we both get a little more settled. =) Loves to you all!