Monday, April 6, 2009

Playing Around

In an effort to keep up with his big sister Bennett has now started "trying" to ride the trike that we have...and trying entails him scooting with his feet and getting upset when he can't keep up.

Here is Halle, she has found a lot for tracing people as they lay on the cement (yes our side yard looks a little bit like a CSI crime scene...and the cause for Bennett's pink knees). Don't mind the outfit either...she got herself dressed which included that pink shirt, jean shorts, with leggings over the shorts and no hair...funny little girl!



Bree said...

Holy cow they're getting big!! LOVE Halle's outfit--what a fashionista! haha. They are too cute!

Stuart and Heather said...

Don't you just LOVE it when they find their own sense of style?