Saturday, September 26, 2009

Being Crafty

I have been busy trying to put things together in our home before little boy makes his debut- here are a couple updates!
Laundry Room\
I painted our laundry room bright yellow...makes me just a bit happier doing laundry! I also got baskets to put all cleaning stuff in...makes it look a bit more organized!

And the picture- I found the frame and touched it up, then put some bright paper in it...super easy and cheap!
I finally bucked up and made curtains for our family room. I couldn't stomach paying $100+ for curtains when I knew that I wouldn't be 100% happy...who really does paying that much?? I found this little shortcut- made these puppies... and you would never believe how much I really big deal here!

I am 32 weeks pregnant on Monday (measuring 36 according to my Dr.) and will be posting a pic...maybe I will give my shortcut secret on Monday if interested!



Ben and Emily said...

Looks good! Guess what? I have your same picture on the wall, only ours is and A not a P!!

Diane Jaggi said...

Love it! Do tell us your secret!!!