Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of Preschool (round 2)

Halle had her first day of preschool today... and she was so excited!! Bennett was super excited too, and was really bummed when he found out that he couldn't go with big sister to school!! (cried as we left..so sad!!) Before I know they both will be in school!! Crazy how fast time flies!

Also posting 28 week pics... not too much growth from last time but still growing!! (ps...don't mind the stuff in the background... I am making a trip to D.I. and babiesrus tomorrow to get a new carseat!!)



Amy Marie Gessel said...

You look beautiful. I miss you guys. I dropped Austin off at Kindergarten today for the first time. It was a BIG day today. Time does fly, Sad. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday. It's fun being 26... just think you are only 26 with (soon to be) 3 kids. Pretty impressive.

Marissa said...

Two days before your birthday I was going to send you a big shout out....and then I thought I better wait until your actual b-day!! I flaked right over it!! I hope you had a great day. You are the cutest little pregnant lady in the world!
Love you sam.

Lauren said...

Enjoy preschool- the real thing is very sad and very long! You look great by the way!

kim said...

I am sorry I missed wishing you a Happy Birthday! Happy belated Birthday!!!! You are looking beautiful -- pregnancy agrees with you!

Katie said...

You look so good and happy birthday! I miss you tons and I can't believe how grown up Halle and Bennett look. Maya starts preschool next week and we're so excited.