Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthday dinner

Yesterday was my birthday... I turned the big 26- (getting up there right?) It was a good day- Dustin made blueberry pancakes for breakfast (love it) then we spent the morning at the pediatricians where we found out that both Halle and Bennett have ear infections. Woohoo! So we spent the rest of the day with lots of Motrin running through the little bodies in our home. Dustin got home from work and made homemade fetticini alfredo (like sauce from scratch!!) Then brought out his cheesecake that he made...his first time ever!! Even though it looks a wee bit different it was FANTASTIC! It was a great birthday-



Erin said...

Happy Birthday, Samye! How fun! Dustin is so sweet and it looks like you had a good day minus the ear infections. Loved the pregnancy pic - you look fantastic!

The Roberts' Report said...

Happy Birthday! And by the way, 26? Is NOT OLD!!

Stuart and Heather said...

Happy Birthday! (late) No, you are not getting up there, becuase if you are getting up there, that means I am getting up there +2 years, so you are deffinately NOT getting up there! Sorry you spent your day with sick kids. Thats no fun!