Monday, April 4, 2011

Allergy Tests

Little story to start off this post- I make breakfast every morning. And, it rotates- you know, Waffles, eggs, cereal, pancakes etc... every morning. On Sunday morning I made homemade sweetrolls and eggs. (gotta have something healthy in there) and EVERY time i make eggs it is a huge ordeal for Bennett to eat them. HUGE.

on to the post:

We finally went and had Bennett allergy tested this morning. We got in with a VERY good allergy and asthma specialist...and he lived up to everything that I had heard- he was WONDERFUL! When we first walked into the room the Dr. came in right away with a huge box of toys for the two boys to play with. They played while we discussed what brought us in, and issues that Bennett has been having. We talked for a bit and it was nice and reassuring.

Then the nurse came in to test him. But before she started she also started up the portable dvd player with Toy Story in it (they are good!) Then the nurse had us get ready- for those that have ever done this with a kid it is SO SAD! Basically they mark Bennett's back into 4 areas then take a "comb" that has 8 differant teeth that has a little needle on the end of each tooth that has been sitting in the test solution and poke him. This happens four differant times with four different needle/comb thingys. He wasn't happy but didn't throw too much of a fit (because Toy Story was on). After 15 minutes they came back in to check and see what he is officially allergic to. And the verdict-

He is allergic to: two different forms of grass and pollen, cats, eggs (severly), soy and milk. He didn't have a reaction to dogs or peanuts (super surprised here). We are going back in a month to do a more intense nut test and another outdoor test to see exactley what is making him have a hard time. The Dr. and I were both blown away that he didn't have a reaction to the peanuts- maybe he has outgrown it? He will test again just to make sure though- and not allergic to dogs...another big surprise. I mentioned to the Dr. the reactions he has had to dogs and he asked if all of those dogs were outside dogs- yes, so those dogs are more than likely rolling in the grass then rubbing all over Bennett! Thank goodness for answers- and a Dr. that treats allergies and asthma serious!

SO- back to the pre-post story. Here is to feeling like a horrid mom. I was making bennett eat his eggs before he could have anything else- and COME TO FIND OUT HE IS ALLERGIC TO EGGS!!! High five to a bad mom here.



Heather said...

Well it's better to know and now you can save yourself the egg battle right? :) That is weird about the peanuts. I have heard that most people who "outgrow" an allergy will eventually re-develop it later in life, so it's good to be aware of it as a possibility even though it is also nice to not have to worry about it all the time either. (I think I butchered that sentence.) Oh and I think it might be worth the drive to Texas to see a doctor who turns on movies. :)

Katie said...

Don't feel bad that you were making him eat the eggs. Maya never had a bad reaction to eggs when she was younger she just wouldn't eat them. I kept giving them to her and she was allergic as well. However that is her one allergy that she's outgrown and now she asks for eggs almost every morning. It's so hard when your kids have food allergies because something that should be healthy is actually poison to them. Hang in there I know how you feel and now that Maya is 5 1/2 I can say it does get easier.

Emily B said...

How are you supposed to know? You're not a bad mom. You would be a bad mom if you found all of this out and then kept trying to feed him eggs. You're a great mom for feeding them a hot breakfast most mornings! Poor Bennett. I'm glad you know what he's allergic to now.

knjfabela said...

Samye, so glad you got some answers. It will make life so much easier for you. Don't feel like a bad mom, I know many of us do the same things to our kids.(Eat your food before you get down, or your not getting anything else until your plate is clean) You are a wonderful mom and Bennett thinks the world of you!

Rachael said...

Oh poor little Bennett... the process to discover allergies seems so difficult and painful! Don't feel like a bad mom at all! I would/do the same thing. I think it is amazing that you even make breakfast every morning. Maybe someday I'll get that way, but for now it is usually cereal, yogurt and fruit, or oatmeal.
Bennett is lucky to have a mom that loves him so much! :)