Thursday, August 6, 2009

Love the background?

ps- Had to mention the new background, because it is SO CUTE! If you really like it you should go check out Hilary's site...she is AMAZING! woohoo for new do's! Thanks Hil!



Hil said...

You are more than welcome! I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the shout out.

Ashley said...

Very cute!!!

The Perkes Family said...

Love the new look.. VERY summery and chic.. By the way my dear Samye.. you don't look big AT ALL girl! Holy smokes, especially for baby number 3! Miss you guys!! Come visit us in Boise sometime!!! =) however vegas might be a little more fun, so maybe we should visit you... =)

Stephensen Celebrations said...


I just have to tell you your Brownie Trifle was a hit at our family reunion. We do a dessert auction to raise money for each reunion. It went for $23. I was impressed. It was so good, that Boyd's brother bought all the ingredients and I made it again just a few days later so all could enjoy. Thanks for sharing the recipe. It is so tasty and chocolatey!

Alisha Stephensen, Kara's sis