Thursday, August 18, 2011


Couple of random thoughts... haven't posted a lot but wanted to update different things that have happened around here. 

  • School for Halle starts on Monday- we meet her teacher tonight, I am so super excited!! Bennett is starting preschool after Labor Day, it is from 9-2 every tue/thurs AND he gets an hour of gymnastic class during the class. One child at home- what in the WORLD am I going to do with myself? The grocery store is going to be a blast! 
  • I finally decided that Mom's that bathe their children in the morning are absolutely INSANE. Crazy woman why do you do that to yourself? There have been a couple of moments when we have had sitters watch the kids and so the next morning I need to bathe them (because they are stinky and I don't feel comfortable with babysitters bathing them)! By the time we get the kitchen cleaned, kids bathed, myself ready etc.. I am ready for a nap! It is almost 10am! Why would you ever do that? Bathe the kids at night before bed, that way when you get up in the morning all they have to take care of is getting themselves dressed. You just have to get yourself ready! 
  • I had a fantastic CVS shopping trip today-WITH three kids in tow. I have finally come to the realization with coupons that it isn't about saving money on groceries...most all grocery coupons aren't things that I normally buy. SO I decided the key is to get most all toiletries for free or close to free as I can get them (mostly $1 and under). Today's trip I got- a gallon of milk, a bag of Hersey's Bliss (like dove chocolate), a Hersey's Air bar, and a 30ct. package of bandaids. They paid me .1 cent, AND gave me 6 ECB's. Felt great to walk out of the store with these deals!! I am going back tomorrow for my two free coupons! 
  • And a little sneak peak of a post I have been working on for weeks- I am potty training our cats. Seriously, using the toilet. Once I am 100% effective I will share pics and the specific how-to. Until then just get excited. 


Stacy said...

oh I am getting excited for the cat potty training My cat will occcasionally pee in our sink... I know gross, I don't know why but a few times while I have been in the bathroom he will pretend to dig in the sink (like he does in the litter) turn around and go pee. The last time I saw him do it I thought "that would be kind of cool if we could get rid of the litter." I would worry about my girls messing in a toilet that the cat has used (since they can't flush...or are you teaching them that too!? ;o) ). Can't wait to see the results!

Too bad you didn't show me how to "coupon" while I was there. I tried once, but just don't get how you can get everything so cheap when the coupons are only for $.50 off....Oh the things you could have taught me if we lived closer. :o(

on a side note....I am becoming a professional water wing blower upper!!

Kapri said...

I love your blog Samye. I'm excited for your new little bundle to arrive maybe he or she will be a few days late and come on my birthday! That would be awesome and then we'd have to get together to have our birthday parties.....I'm right by Disney Land... ;)

Glen & Kat said...

I can't wait for the pics of the potty-trained cats!

Your CVS shopping trip is so inspiring-- I've had to take a break from bargain shopping since I'm spending lots of time on the house, but I have been itching to get back to it!

Thanks for your tip on KABOOM...I'm can't wait to try it (as soon as I make my next Wal-mart run)!