Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Early Present~

I have been wanting a "nice" camera for some time now- but for that much $$ I have been waiting for a birthday. It seems that each birthday I can think of a bajillion other things I would rather get than one camera. All that changed the other day, when at a garage sale (of all places) I scored a really nice Canon Rebel in perfect working order! She was upgrading to a nicer camera and wanted to give it to someone who could really use it! I knew the owner so knew that she took great care of it...are you ready to hear how much I paid?? 

Let's delay this one just for a bit so you can see just the begining of what a nicer camera is going to do for me!  (cheesy...but I really do think I can tell a difference in quality)


He is a cute model- showing me how he stole a cookie dough ball off the cookie sheet

Well- the screaming deal- $25. I say that is one good deal. Now I just need to work on finding out how to use this puppy!! 



Kris said...

awesome!! We have a rebel and LOVE it. I've just learned through Ben and took a photography class ata photo lab one night. I'd love to learn more but know enough to use different modes. GOod luck and have fun!

EmilynBen said...

yeah thats amazing! My amazing photographer friend started out with a rebel and loved it!! Good bargain shopping!!