Monday, August 1, 2011

Pregnant Brain

I am hoping it isn't just me but when I'm pregnant...let's just say I am not the sharpest crayon in the box. For some reason I just don't think all the way and it can be quite embarrassing at times too. Here is our recent story for your viewing pleasure. 

The kids and I had to rush over to the ped's office (appointment just opened, we had to be there in 15 minutes). Anyway, we get in the car and my engine light comes on, along with two other lights that I have never seen. Great...I call my husband and he says that I more than likely need to get into the mechanic. I tell him what lights are on and he does some research. After hanging up with him I then call a friend of mine who also happens to be a pretty good car expert and he tells me that it isn't life and death. More than likely is _________. But to make sure to go over to Autozone, and for free they will plug your car in and it will tell them exactly what is wrong. I hit the Dr. appointment (not gonna pass that one up), then head over to Autozone. On the way over, my hubby gives me a list of items that it could be -- some very simple to which I said no way and some where it was like $500+ to fix. I just knew that it was going to be one of the pricier options. 

We got to Autozone, 3 kids in tow, and he plugged the car in. He looked back at me, looked at the car, and then very very politely told me that the computer was coming back saying that my gas cap wasn't on. I looked at him like he was crazy and just to prove my point that that couldn't possibly be it I opened my gas tank -- and voila! My gas tank wasn't screwed on. THEN I proceeded to try and twist it and couldn't do it! I then thought, "Well this is the reason it isn't twisting- it is broken!" He came behind me, twisted it in the RIGHT direction and told me to have a great day. 


In other news, I updated my blog layout...put newer blogs up on the right hand side and private ones in their own section. I just realized that we move around too much to have each individual city we have lived in along with the blogs that they pertain to. That being said (pregnant brain in mind) please take a look to the right and make sure I got your blog put up -- more than likely (I am quite sure) I forgot a couple of them. Please leave your blog address. If it is private please feel free to leave it too. 



Rachael said...

Oh I am SO glad I am not the only one that gets pregnant brain. Seriously... it can be really annoying! I'll spare you the details, but my pregnant brain just caused us a $100 repair on our car. I felt so stupid!

Looks like you had a fabulous trip to Chicago! It's nice to take some time to relax without kids.

Carma and Travis said...

Hi Sam!

Pregnant brain can be a wonderful catch-all for any thing that needs an excuse--not that I'd want it around all the time or anything!

I didn't see our blog on your list, but just in case you wanted it:


Darin & Misty Ralphs said...

Funny Samye. I love it. I have definately had some of those moments in my life.

Heather said...

Sam, it's totally not just you. Funny because I was about to blog about the same thing!! Haha. Love ya

knjfabela said...

Hey my blog is listed on the regualar list and not on the private one. It is fine where it is but you might not get that I update it.

Erin said...

So true about pregnancy brain! This story is hilarious! Glad your car didn't cost a billion dollars. :) And it's not like I've updated my blog in months, but it's

Kris said...

Oh funny. I get pregnancy brain too... often while I'm not even pregnant. I suppose that is just called mom brain then.

Didn't see ours - if you want it;

Glen & Kat said...

Love that story! That sounds like something I would do while not pregnant :)

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