Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I went to Chicago this past weekend...with no kids AND had a girlie weekend~ We had so much fun...too much fun I think. 

We flew in very late Friday night, and woke up first thing Saturday morning...or around 10am Saturday morning and started the morning off right by shopping. We hit the new Marilyn statue, the Magnificent Mile (lots and lots of shops), and of course Nordstroms semi-annual sale. 

 After shopping all day- we then went and caught the late night Beauty and the Beast musical. It was so wonderful- even though it was not my first time to see it I thought it was done so well I would go back and see it again! We didn't get the best seats in the theatre but thought that after intermission we would move up. We were wrong. They had security walking around making sure that everyone was in their seat that they bought. Making people move, kicking them out- AND if you took a picture your camera was immediately taken away from you! They were very serious about their jobs!
 Sunday morning we enjoyed a nice brunch at Yolk- it was so delicious~! We even got really lucky and had no wait because our hotel has a deal with them-
 After filling our tummies- did I mention that BOTH of us on the trip were pregnant? Yep... so we ate a lot, and walked kinda slow... I think most of that was because we were SO SORE from the day before (old ladies). Anyway- we went and hit up the Pier, it was kind of fun walking around (until it got blasted hot). The clouds came out and cooled down so we thought it would be the perfect time to enjoy a architecture tour of Chicago via boat. It got real hot real fast on that boat- phew! But it was interesting learning all about Chicago's history!
 After the boat tour we decided we were in need of some deep dish pizza- chicago style. We went to Giordano's (sp?) and had THE best pizza EVER! Another benefit- our pizza took 45 minutes to cook, but no biggie because we didn't have any kids with us!
 After stuffing our faces, because we hadn't walked enough (sarcasm) we went over and saw Millenium park and all the other fun things around that area. We took pictures in "the bean" (what is that thing anyway??)
And then headed back to the hotel because we were dieing... who knew that a couple months ago we were in such great shape we actually did a triathlon. Monday morning we enjoyed breakfast- walked around the city some more and then said goodbye! It was such a fun weekend, next time though I think we will bring the hubbies along for the fun! (Kids can still stay home )


Emily B said...

You guys are fun. I love big cities. I really want to visit Chicago, New York City, and the other big cities in America. It's always nice to have a weekend away with NO KIDS.

Higg's said...

What an awesome adventure! Thanks for the good times friend!

Emily said...

AWESOME! You girls are so cute. Everyone keeps going to Chicago...I want to go!

Hibbard Family said...

What a fun weekend, both of you look great!