Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend in Austin

We went to Austin this past weekend, and it was FABULOUS! I can't believe that gem of a city has been hiding from me for SO long! I actually had never been to Austin (sad I know) and I loved every moment of it. First off- it wasn't near as humid as what Houston is (surprise surprise) and I enjoyed the nights! The first night we got there we grabbed some dinner and  then headed out to watch the bats. Under the Congress bridge (one of the main bridges in Austin)  they have one of the largest urban colonies of bats! We had a blast watching hundreds of these creatures fly out from under the bridge. 

 The next morning we headed to Zilker park to enjoy the playground, train, and natural spring swimming pool that they have. Sadly we missed the train by like 5 minutes, and the next one left in an hour... boo.
 So we decided to load up and go see the capitol building... it was so neat!

 Somehow that pic won't turn...
 The rest of the trip we enjoyed swimming, relaxing and lots of eating!
We went to Maria's tacos or Taco express- it was delicious! Then of course we checked out the food trucks- and enjoyed a fresh snowcone. 

We had a wonderful trip- and I can't wait to go back when it is a tad bit cooler and explore some more! 



Anonymous said...

What a fun trip! Austin is have been's just that you were 10 yrs. old at the time!
Great memories!
Sugar and Pops

Anonymous said...

Nice Post. This enter helped me in my college assignment. Thnaks Alot

Katrina said...

You should have come by and said Hello!!!!