Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Farwell Part 2- Rodeo Style

My parents took us to the Mesquite rodeo one night- and it was so much fun!! The best part was that it was air conditioned (if it wasn't that would be MISERABLE!) Nicki had flown in earlier that day to surprise my parents and brother- so we had the whole family together! 
Miles loved clapping for the cows and horses-
 Halle wore her new cowgirl boots, her hat and had to sit on Pops' lap the whole time.
 Sugar learned very early on the easiest way to "win" Miles love was to feed him.
 They had face painting for the kids- for free. Bennett loved his spider man for about 15 minutes until it started itching...thank heavens for baby wipes!
 Nicki thought she was getting herself cotton candy...the kids ate half the bag.
We had so much fun being at the rodeo- thanks dad for the fun time!