Sunday, July 10, 2011

Family Party

For Halle's family birthday dinner she really wanted macaroni pizza. She really really really wanted to go to Cici's for dinner too... (not my choice) but hey- the birthday girl wanted it, and with some coupons in hand we hit Cici's pizza up. 

Then we came home to open some presents-

Halle even gave us a little birthday performance. 

What a sweet little spicy girl. We love you so much Halle and are so grateful that you graced us with your presence 6 years ago, two weeks early at 7lbs 11oz. Every day you teach us something new- 
Some of your favorite things to do-
read any book you can get your hands on,
sing songs from the radio,
be in charge, 
do your own hair,
help shop.
you love to help your two little brothers do anything

We love you so much!!



Emily B said...

We are Cici's fans because of Dustin. I guess he and Kevin used to meet up at UNLV and go there for lunch. Now Kevin takes us there for lunch, and we love it. Happy birthday, Halle! I'm glad she got her macaroni pizza.

Heather said...

Happy birthday Halle! We have a girl here who also loves Cici's macaroni pizza (which I think is the nastiest stuff on earth...what is up with these girls? :) )