Wednesday, January 20, 2010


First off, I have no idea what I was thinking when I thought I was busy with one child...with three life is CRAZY! I have a couple minutes with the house quiet (scary?) so I wanted to share our recent happenings!

For Christmas the kids got this fun easel. Surprisingly enough we haven't had any coloring on the walls yet! The kids love to color, Halle loves to draw people and Bennett loves to draw circles.

We made rice krispies for FHE a couple nights ago...huge success and wasn't too big of a mess! Halle is still my little mother and helper.

Bennett has turned two...did I already mention that? I wonder where my sweet little boy went, because he now goes nonstop all day long and has become very physical towards...well towards life in general. (Can I blame all of this on his teething? Two more molars to go and we are all done!!) He has also become very funny. Three nights ago at 3 in the morning I noticed his room light was on. I woke up D to go and check (rules are I wake up to feed the babe..he wakes up all other times) anyway D walks in to check on Bennett and finds that he is playing with his bouncy balls that he got for Christmas. Bouncing them on the wall, lining them up in a row...etc.... he just couldn't bare to be away from them all night long! Crazy boy.

Miles was a huge you can see.

Little Miles had his two month birthday last weekend, time flies! We went to his Dr. checkup today and he is weighing in at 14 lbs (which isn't' too big). All of his stats were about 75% for his age except for his height which was 95% ( I think he gets that from his Daddy)!



jamie t. said...

You're supposed to say, "3 is a piece of cake.!" Don't scare me girl :)

You are a great mom! Dustin isn't too bad either

Rachael said...

Your kids are so cute and funny! Here I am thinking one can be a lot, but I can't even imagine 3! Glad to read all is going well.

Ali said...

I like the rule where the husband wakes up with the older two... seems like a great way to do it...

Bennett is hilarious and I'm happy to hear that Halle is such a great helper and Miles... oh Miles... he makes me baby hungry. They are all so precious and adorable.

HayHay said...

I've thought the same thing with two! I will probably be thinking I had it easy with two when I have a third! It was so much easier to go grocery shopping with one.
THey make like crazy, but they are worth it. Your children are adorable... how nice to have a little girl first to help be mommy:)

Becky said...

I love the pic of Miles, he looks so darling!

Allison said...

You have such cute children! Two is plenty for me right now... they've kept me very busy and have given many headaches and sleepless nights while Ben's been gone. I love them though with all my heart! Ben now wants four (mouth gaping open!) He might get a third in several years... we'll see. Halle looks so grown up! I have loved watching your kids grow. Bennet and Miles are just adorable! You are doing a wonderful job Samye!!