Saturday, January 9, 2010

St. George

One day we were even brave enough to go up to St. George! We went to shop at Tai Pan Trading (totally not the store to go to with 3 kids). We had so much fun and found some super cute decor stuff!! And the best part is it ended up being only 90 minutes away from our house...or in kiddo language 1 movie.

We also stopped by the St. George Temple and went into the visitor center! It was super pretty...and as you can tell at this point Bennett was DONE and just wanted a snooze.



Coslett's said...

awesome that you were able to go to tai pan! I LOVE that store. everytime i go to utah i have to make a stop there! you will have to blog and show what you got! i wanna see! oh and by the way sorry we did not stop by and see you. we really were not there for very long and did not want to impose! BUT next time we will for sure! Surely there has to be more uplifting things to see in vegas! love ya sam!

Hil said...

we love st george... and tai pan! we will definitely have to get together next time we are visiting. especially if it is only 90 minutes! glad you had a good time.

hollyhs said...

oh, love taipan! i used to live almost right across the street from it. dangerous for the bank account but so very fun! :)

Hibbard Family said...

I've never been to taipan, never heard of it. Good though? St. George day trip is a great idea!