Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Skiing Day One

Right after speaking with my brother in Argentina (he is serving a mission for our church there, and only allowed to call home twice a year Christmas and Mother's Day) we loaded up the car and drove to Utah. My Dr. was not ok with me going....but my mom and sister both said that they would be more than willing to deliver the baby if he came early. I decided to go because I was only 33 weeks the week we were there and I have NEVER shown signs of early labor. 

It was a great drive, we only hit some major ice in Amarillo (Texas of all places) and made it up to Snowbird the next day! 

The first day of skiing was on Tuesday- I had been gearing the kids up for what it took to ski (the amount of clothing it takes) and they were super excited! Here they are getting ready down in the lockers-
 This little guy had no idea he wasn't skiing...he was so bummed.
 Bennett is showing off his "spider man boots". We were all a little anxious about him skiing- the massive amounts of clothes + the tight boots +going down hill on boards...we thought he wouldn't like it.
 After the kids had all gear on (except skiis) they went to use the bathroom one last time with Sugar.
 Nicki chose to be the muscle with Bennett the first couple runs- with my mom instructing. They made a great team!
 Halle started off by herself, she had been before and was sure she knew exactley what she was doing. (stubborn...so so stubborn) She finally let help happen after she threw the mother of all tantrums at the bottom of the hill...throwing skis off, trying to undo her boots and rolling around in the snow like a banshee yelling that she did not want to ski.... nice. (bummer i missed it)
 Here is Bennett on his second run down the hill, LOVING it!